Friday, July 18, 2008


That's all I know how to say is "Wow." I've been online for the last 90 minutes simply responding to e-mails offering help and ideas for help. My apologies to e-mailers who have been getting terse responses from me as I have been working as quickly as I can, but you guys are phenomenal. Here's the latest Cy update followed by fundraising updates.

From Bjorkback:
Checked in on Cy this morning and he's had a lot of visitors per usual. Tracy, Amy, and Ann are here---Cy really perked up when Tracy walked in. He's still using the breathing tube but the nurses are hoping to remove it later today. Cy and his parents will have a discussion with the oncologist this afternoon regarding his overall prognosis and treatment plan. Soon, they are going to let him get some sunshine in the courtyard.
On another note, Cy was listening to the Who when Kevin and I were in the room. Shannon drew him a really neat picture. That's all for now.

From Jessica:
Currently, I drive to Duke Hospital M-F. If anyone in Raleigh wants to see Cy, but wants save gas, doesn't have a car, etc drop me a line. You can either ride in with me, my office is two blocks away, and then take the TTA back home or take the bus in and ride home with me at 4:30pm. Or if you want to go round trip, there is plenty to do in & around the area.
Also right outside the Medical Center Bookstore (and people can point you in the direction), every other Friday is a farmer's market with lunch vendors

Here are the ideas and offers we have so far. At Jessica's suggestion, I will try to put together a Google Document (???) with all of these ideas and people who want to create committees for organizing (Ben D's suggestion) can sign on and get connected.
  • Ash B is interested in participating in a fund raiser rock show.
  • Tannis Root is interested in offering their services to make shirts (A "Cy Rawls has a posse" shirt perhaps?--Nicole Triche's idea)
  • Ben Davis is organizing a Run for Rawls
  • Some folks want to do an eBay sale of stuff for Cy
  • An art auction has been discussed
  • A craft sale was discussed
  • A popular member of a popular band on a popular label in the area (hawhawhaw---sssssssseeeeeecrets) has offered to try to put a show together.
  • Frank and Glenn are looking at dates for shows at the Cradle and 506 respectively.
  • Cy Rawls tip jars at the businesses he frequents

Fundraising info I have gleaned from others:
  • No accounts should be put in Cy's or his parents' names as that would be considered assets by bill-collectors and The Man.
  • We need to make sure Cy's monthly bills are paid to keep his credit in check. I'll mention that to his folks today.

You guys are absolutely incredible. Please keep visiting Cy. He needs to positive vibes in there.

More as we know it.


Anonymous said...

i'm a little late getting on here, but just wanted to add my support for cy and his family... and kerry, thanks for doing this and keeping everyone in the loop. i tried to send some flowers earlier but was told that they can't make deliveries to cy's room?? so i'm sending virtual flowers - they're orange and yellow dahlias. i'll keeping checking for info on ways to make a more financially beneficial contribution via paypal, etc. and am planning to visit this weekend!

xoxo, kelly carver

Barry said...

I would wear the shit out of a "Cy Rawls Has a Posse" t-shirt. They should have been made years ago.

Kevin said...

I would talk to Glenn B about making the Pine State reunion in September a benefit. I know I planned my whole vacation around that show.

Ruby said...

OK, I understand not to put the account in the Rawls' name, does anyone else want to be the keeper of the online funds? I can also do it.

I will set up a separate gmail account so the money will stay totally separate. I can also start s separate fund in my ING savings account if needed.

I really want to get this going soon to capture this awesome momentum.

Karen A. Mann said...

Please let me know if there's anything I can do -- publicize any shows that happen, help organize shows in Raleigh, whatever.

Glenn / Local 506 said...

>>>I would talk to Glenn B about making the Pine State reunion in September a benefit.

I'm not opposed to making any of our existing shows benefits for Cy, but ultimately it is up to the artist. I can always mention it but it might be good if others did as well...glenn