Friday, July 25, 2008

Thursday 7/24 evening update

From Mary B:

Rossi and I saw Cy last night & had a good long visit, along with several other folks. Love that fancy corner room, with room for lots of visitors at once! I think there were 7-8 people in there at once. It felt pretty festive in there considering we were in a hospital. Though if things go according to plan, Cy might be going home today (Friday). He's been handling chemo & radiation pretty well this week. Seems like some nausea & those damned hiccups are the worst side effect so far.

We helped Cy's parents load their car up with a giant tub of DVDs, a trash bag full of stuffed animals, and some other bags of magazines & gifts. That wasn't all of it, either. They left in the evening to go prepare the house for Cy's arrival. We asked if they needed help at the house, but they say they have it all worked out. Someone from one of the local Hospice organizations will come and help set up a hospital bed & they have a place ready downstairs at their house where they have had a bed before. They decided the hospital bed would be easier because it's so important for Cy to be sitting upright while he eats. I think they will be going to the hospital in Raleigh for treatments once they're set up in Raleigh. Cy's dad said they'd just turn on the porch light and we can all come and go. Hee hee. I'm hoping that once they get things settled at the house that we can work with the family to visit often. I told them to let us know about the Rawls house visiting hours.

Can someone else post or comment on Friday to let us know when/if Cy finally leaves Dook?? Thanks! -Mary B.

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jessica o said...

Hey guys I just went over to see Cy around noon. They were still waiting for him to be released...that can take forever from my experience, but he's definitely going home today & doing his Tx in Raleigh.