Thursday, July 17, 2008

Surgery Cancelled

Dear friends,

The surgery was cancelled shortly after it began. When the doctors got in there, they apparently found several lesions on Cy's neck that would jeopardize the surgery somehow. The doctors have decided to instead begin a very aggressive course of chemo and radiation. His parents are in with the doctors now. More as the situation develops.


Ruby said...

Well shit. Thanks for the update. So glad you are able to be a connection to Cy for all of us, Kerry. It can't be easy. Hang in there.

And more love to Cy, of course. I'm also thinking about him often and still plotting about what comics to bring over.

Barry said...

Ill. Thanks for the update Kerry -- please pass along what more you learn. Hating that you have to deal with this bullshit, Cy.

kristiep said...

kerry, you are so awesome for keeping us all constantly updated. i will be in durham all day tomorrow so let me know if i can bring anything to the hospital for cy's parents or anyone standing by there who hardly gets a break. myself and katherine will be by around 1pm anyway.

my love to cy.


klowry said...

i 2nd what kristie says (and rossi too, for that matter) - i'm doing some research on food he might feel up to eating while on chemo and plan to make something along those lines and bring it this weekend. but if anything is needed/wanted tomorrow (by anyone), please let me know - i only work a 1/2 day and i live in durham. i'd love to help.

so sad to hear about today's outcome. love and hugs to you, cy.