Monday, July 14, 2008

Update from Carolyn

Below is an update from Carolyn Seifken who saw Cy today at lunchtime.

A group of us went at noon today to see Cy. He's doing so much better. He was alert and seemed to recognize folks. He can't talk because he has the breathing tube in, but he raised his arm to say hello and good-bye to some visitors. He also smirked at something said to him, so he's responding well to his treatment. I wasn't there yesterday, but I understand this is a great improvement. The doctors will do an MRI this afternoon to look at how things are progressing and the doctor hopes to plan the surgery later in the week.

The nurse told us that when we visit to try and keep him calm and not to get too animated. If he gets too active he becomes uncomfortable because of the breathing tube. They hope they will be able to remove that today, so let's keep our hopes up that his progress continues.

His parents have a card with them that we are signing, and it is nearly full, but I know they have appreciated the visits from his friends. Visiting hours are as Kerry mentioned in her last email, and you should be prepared to wait a bit when you come. Bring a jacket--it is cold in that hospital.

Cy is a fighter and he's working hard to beat this. He's in the best care at Duke as they have an incredible neuro-oncology devision. I have heard great things about his doctor, Dr. Sampson. I know that he'll do everything he can to help Cy recover. Please keep your hopes up.

Carolyn Wiley

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