Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CyTunes update

CyTunes.org will happen. Janette Park has very graciously agreed to take over project management from me so that I can concentrate on programming and other technical tasks. From here on out please contact Janette first, regarding CyTunes. Her email address is jparkesq at, you know, gmail. We can still use a few more volunteers, especially in the graphic design department. People who are willing to pick up occasional random tasks are encouraged to volunteer as well.

If you play music, donate a song! If you know people who play music, get them to donate a song.

I have set up a primitive placeholder site at http://www.cytunes.org/. News and instructions will now appear on that page instead of on this blog. Please go there for any further updates.

We are forging full steam ahead. Thank you to everyone who has responded so far.


Anonymous said...

hey ya'll... if you'd put "cy" or "cytunes" in your subject line, that would be kickass. thanks!

Anonymous said...

whoops. i meant to sign that.


contact: jparkesq at gmail