Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Rock-n-Rawls Cylebrations

There is a lot of musical activity taking place in the near-future but I'd also be interested in putting together a cover-up style event at Local 506 further in the future - but need to start working on it now to nail down dates and give bands time to practice, et al. If you'd be interested in participating or just have some ideas, feel free to contact me at the address below.

Another idea I had, seeing some of the bands that are considering reunion shows for Cy, is putting together a Reunion-fest. The set-up would be similar to the cover-up, each show featuring more bands doing shorter sets, as opposed to one or two bands feeling like they need to carry the entire night. If you'd like to get your old band together OR you have an non-existent local band you'd like to see reform (Teasing the Korean and Finger come to my mind!), please let me know.

Or maybe, we should just combine the ideas and have current local bands cover former local bands!

Write me directly at glennATlocal506DOTcom.


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