Friday, July 18, 2008


Rock show planning is brewing behind the scenes on several fronts.

Also, Kristie Porter is looking into collecting donations for Cy's folks. She wrote:

You can let folks know that soon there will be an electronic way to make general donations for his medical bills. It's all just yet to be figured out.
I'll let you know how that turns out.


Ruby said...

Kerry, I'd be glad to help with setting up an online fundraising thingy and any other technical assistance you might want here on the blog.

We can either just use a basic PayPal form tied to his parent's bank account or something, or something fancier like Fundable or ChipIn that will give us fundraising thermometers and be easier to use, but will take a slightly higher percentage of the money.

You can e-mail me at ruby at lotusmedia dot org.

Patrick Anders said...

Two messages from the Carolina Theatre for Cy, in response to something I posted at my personal blog:

Hey Patrick,

Matt Pennachi and I saw your blog entry on Cy and wanted to pass on our well-wishes to him for a full and quick recovery. We are going to look at our homes and the office here to collect any movies that we can for Cy to have. Please let us know if there is anything else that we can do.

Please pass on that we are pulling for him over at the Carolina-



Aaron Bare

The Carolina Theatre

Director of Marketing and Communication


Hi Patrick,

I totally second what Aaron is saying here. I was really sorry to hear about Cy, and although I don’t know him personally I definitely remember him from all of the years that we’ve been doing Retro here. We will definitely keep him in our thoughts, and we’ll try to put together some fun stuff that will hopefully cheer him up. If you can let us know what we need to do to get this stuff to him that would be great. And if you can let him know that his friends at the Carolina (and the goons who do Retro!) are all thinking about him and pulling for him that would be even better.

Take care and we hope to hear from you soon!

Best always,


Matt Pennachi

Director of Operations

Carolina Theatre of Durham

Cy is a devoted patron of retro nights at the Carolina.

Nick & said...

Rocket Cottage Orchestra at your disposal. Let us know where we need to be and when. We'll play in his hospital room with Double Negative. I'm sure they'd be interested if they're all in town. Say the word and we'll raise at least cab fare off the Duke Campus! Home of Richard Nixon! HA!

Forcefield said...


I too have the skills to setup online fundraising if need be, just let me know if you need any help.

scott at forcefieldnc dot com

Thanks again for all the updates, heartbreaking as they've been of late.

scott h.

Glenn / Local 506 said...

Needless to say, I'm willing to offer up Local 506 to do anything we can to raise money for Cy, whether that be one big show, or a bunch of smaller shows (or both!)

The reason I suggest both, most of my weekend dates are booked, at least til September, and those would be the ideal dates for a bigger show (the next 'good' date I have is Thu 8/21.)

Likewise, I still have a handful of Sun-Wed nights in August that would normally be used for free-for-all shows (ie: using our smaller PA.) If interested, we could do a bunch of smaller shows too.

Last, but not least, as I've already mentioned to a couple folks, there has been a lot of interest in 506 doing an event along the lines of the Great Cover-Up (ever since Kings closed.) Maybe we could organize something like that for later in the year with the proceeds going to Cy. We would need to start working on dates for that now, as I'm already booking into December (which is when it normally took place.)

Bottomline, I'm up for doing any and all of the above, but would definitely need help organizing each event.

Let me know your thoughts!...glenn

Glenn / Local 506 said...

Oh yeah, another idea...and it might be cheesy, but could start the money coming in sooner than later. Maybe someone (more creative than I) could create tip jars for Cy that Cy-friendly businesses (ie: such as all rock clubs~) could put out - so people could donate more easily. If most people only put a $1 in every time they came to 506, that could add up pretty fast! just a thought!

Ben Spiker said...

Kerry, thanks for setting this blog up and maintaining it. I'm willing to do whatever I can to help.

Cy, for every person who leaves a comment on here there are probably 100 others who are thinking about you and pulling for you. It sucks I couldn't see you the other night when I came by, but I'm going to come by again. Fight, baby. I'll see you soon.

the rosebuds said...

Kerry, don't have your email but need it. We are in touch with Frank at the Cradle--looking into possible dates for a fun show or two. Glenn has some good ideas it sounds like--I love the idea of a Cover Up. Maybe we can join forces. Please email me at

Thad Anderson said...

Glenn, great to see Local 506 pitching in, and that tip idea is great. That gave me another idea, which is an auction on eBay where people could sell some used records or cds for the cause (or whatever else they want to sell, but thought the music angle was appropriate). I've seen this before and will look into how it works.

the rosebuds said...

And maybe the fine folks at WXYC can figure out a way to broadcast the shows live so Cy can hear them that night? Or at the least archive them so he can listen to them when he can. backyard Bar-b-que style. Hang in there Cy! See you soon. I will be bringing you the whole one and only season of the TV show AUTOMAN tonight on DVD. I looked for Hoosiers but could not find it. Who needs Indiana basketball anyways? Jasmine wanted to email too but could not type with her claws being so long. She just wanted me to tell you she misses you and hopes you feel better too and to watch out for those women in Fayetteville!


Eric said...

awesome ideas from glenn re: the tip jars, and the benefits. i would be happy to lend a hand in any way to help the cause, whether it be musical or putting in some time/energy to raise some awareness/funds, etc.

cy, we're all with you, brother.

oh, and i couldn't help but call attention to how awesome the hit counter wording is at the bottom of the bloger page:

How many hits does a Cy Rawls blog get?: 2,881


-- eric shepherd (eric.shepherd at gmail dot com)

Russ said...

We've discussed a bowl-a-thon for the league to try and pitch in what we can - if anyone is taking point in coordinating fundraising efforts, get in touch with me to talk details.


charlesrusselldean at gmail

Glenn / Local 506 said...

>How many hits does a Cy Rawls blog get?: 2,881

It works both ways: How many blogs does a Cy Rawls hit?

Based on his up-to-date knowledge of all-things sports and music, 2881 sounds about right!

Anonymous said...

if the ebay thing happens, i've got a ton of stuff (not all music related, but stuff the ladies on ebay like anyway) to list, and i'm well-versed in the ebay selling thing. and i've got a kickass feedback rating.

please let me know if i can be of any help. email me at jparkesq at gmail dot com.


Glenn / Local 506 said...

Another idea, maybe music-related businesses could put a link to the paypal thing on their sites too.

Marketing Intern, Cy Rawls, Inc.

Anonymous said...

sorry -- i meant to include that i'd be more than willing to be the main seller of everyone's stuff, not just sell my own.

a note about paypal vs. other methods of fundraising: a paypal rival that takes less fees than paypal is xcoin... ruby, if you need any info, let me know.

ps: i'm currently on a payment plan for my duke hospital bills, so i'm also available if there are questions on that front.

-janette park

Hepstyle said...

Please hold off on the ebay idea, as we're trying to coordinate some fundraisers like yard sales, bake sales, etc, and the more stuff we have to sell at those times, the better. Also, anyone in touch with Frank at the Cradle please get in touch with me so we can team up. A coordinated effort will work better than a dozen or so individuals taking it upon themselves. Better for those we are in touch with as well!

Anonymous said...

Cy is friends with lots of crafty ladies who I'm sure would be happy to make stuff to sell. I coordinated a sale at my house about six months ago, so let me know if I can help in any way.

Richard A. said...

I agree that the sale of stuff should be a coordinated effort. However, it makes more sense to sell stuff that's collectible on eBay than at a yard sale because it's available to a much larger number of people who might be willing to pay more for it. I'm also interested in doing an auction - does anybody have a) any already-collectible rock stuff they'd be willing to contribute or b) any leads on talking to some rockers about autographing stuff (posters, guitars, whatever) for a possible auction? If anyone has any ideas along those lines, please email me at rchrdlln@gmail dot com. Hepler, please add me to any email list about your plan too. thanks.

Richard A.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a crafty lady myself, but I'll be happy to get in touch with all the crafty ladies I know and coordinate with Xtina and whoever else might organize.

You people are all so awesome.

-patty, junior cy rawls foundation trainee

Thad Anderson said...

Hepstyle, I will definitely hold off on setting up any eBay thing. Maybe, like Richard is saying, online could be just for collectible stuff that has a high value but very narrow demand. And especially with stuff besides vinyl, which has at least somewhat predictable value due to priceguides, I've found that its worth checking - you never know when some seemingly non-rare mainstream rock cd or "How to get rich by __" book is going to have a surprisingly high value on Amazon Marketplace.


Chris Riser said...

FYI, an acquaintance who deals with administering charitable private foundations has informed me that the IRS has confirmed in an Information Letter that private foundations may make Medical Emergency and Distress Relief grants without the need for advance IRS approval.

This means that a charitable private foundation can make grants directly to individuals and families who require assistance in connection with terminal conditions or life-threatening illnesses.

So, if someone were to find a private foundation that would help out, it might streamline the process. Unfortunately, I’m in Georgia, not in the Triangle area, so I don’t know that I can be of much practical help. But I thought I would put this info out there.

Chris Riser