Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Complicated Update from Carolyn

Hey folks, I just got this from our pal Carolyn S. Wiley.

Hey Kerry,

I went today at lunch. Cy was asleep, but looked to be resting comfortably. I talked with his parents. They were telling me about how people have continued to come out and visit. They were waiting to give Rossi his dishes back from the dinner that he brought them (so sweet!). I asked if they had any likes/dislikes for food and Mrs. Rawls said they were pretty easy going on that end of things. They looked like they were anxious and said as much because they are just waiting to hear when the surgery will be.

After I left, Jennifer Fuller and Heather were over there. This is news from Jennifer:
Cy was awake and the nurse was doing several tests, follow the finger, push with your feet, squeeze my hand...and Cy was passing all of these tests. She said he had his sense of humor "They gave me a bad haircut" and seemed to be feeling ok. The hiccups were still going on.

Here's the news that Jennifer heard. I'm not sure if this has been confirmed, but thought I should pass it along. The nurse said that the doctor would be returning this afternoon and may actually plan the surgery for tomorrow at noon. If that is the case, anyone who wants to visit him tomorrow should come before 10:30 am.

Feel free to post this or parts of it on the blog. I will be keeping up with it as much as I can today.




Mike said...

I just wanted to let everyone know that Cy will indeed be having surgery tomorrow at Noon. He will be heading down to the 3rd floor to get prepped around 9:30 or so. The surgery should last 3-4 hours. I didn't sound like he would be able to have any visitors for a couple of days but his parents will either be in the 3rd floor waiting room or in their normal spot on the 4th floor if you would like to stop by to give them your regards and get an update.

If anyone has any information that you think would be beneficial for Cy's parents to know regarding insurance but don't feel comfortable talking to them about it, please just email me ( I'd be happy to pass the information on to them.

I saw Cy this evening and he was doing well. He has a DVD player and also has an Ipod so if anyone would like to bring a laptop to add music you can.

Anonymous said...

Cy, I know everyone who is reading this will have their fingers crossed all day tomorrow. Look at all the people who are pulling for you!
I feel sure that everything is going to go well with the surgery & you're going to come through this with no problem. If Ted Kennedy can do it, Cy Rawls can do it better.
Thinking about you,

Anonymous said...

Cy, I just did a little creative googling which reminded me:


I'll be thinking about you full stop tomorrow morning and checking the blog non stop.


Kathy said...

I know Cy would love it that when I checked in over here, it said, "How many hits does a Cy Rawls blog get? 666"
Anyway, Kerry, thank you so much for maintaining this amazing service, so all Cy's gazillion friends near and far have a way to just do something, anything, to help make things better.
I don't know a lot of you and I don't know if any sort of fund-raiser plans are in the works, but I just wanted to go ahead and say that I really want to help however I can. My e-mail's

Okay, this part's for Cy:
I have an awesome plan to cash in on this whole fiasco, but I can't tell you about it until you wrap up all this nonsense. I will tell you that it involves a Very Special Mega-Trivia Night, and lots of teams left saying, "wait, did we just got schooled by Kathy and the guy who had that brain thing (and associates)?" "Yes. Yes you did."
We all know you're a total badass, and funny, and a friend to bands, and brilliant, and cranky about being at Duke, but the most important thing is that you have such a good heart. You know I adore you and your brain.
Go ahead and get well already. Think of how inspiring the No Sweat Reunion Tour is gonna be!

Anonymous said...

i was there this afternoon with jennifer fuller and everything carolyn says is correct. one thing left out though is that cy said he did have insurance. he seemed quite coherent so i'm thinking he may be speaking the truth. we talked about quite a few things and he seemed a little scared, mostly b/c i don't think that they have told him all of the details. so don't scare him with too many details you may know. i think mike is going to bring another dvd player tomorrow and he CANNOT put earbuds in his ears right now, so an ipod won't work. if you have a dock for an ipod that would probably be best. he did complain about his haircut, but i told him noone gave a fuck what his hair looked like right now, that we just want him to get better. but it is a rocking receding mullet.
and a word to those of you whom have not gone to an icu area before: remember that he is sick. if you have any sort of sickness going on DO NOT visit him. send him love via this blog. no need to aggravate anything by giving him your cold, etc. his immune system will be lowered b/c of this shitty stuff going on.
also, if anyone is heading that way saturday and you live in the raleigh area and have extra space, i'd love to catch a ride with you. i'm definitely going on sunday but would love to see him after recovery when he is not too overcome by visitors. email me at if you have space! keep thinking good thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what sort of iPod he has? I would love to give the man an iHome or something along those lines (please post if you beat me to it).

Mary said...

Wednesday's late night update:

Just left the late shift visiting hours. I didn't get to see Cy, but hung around for a bit. Apparently, there was a little setback this evening. The MRI results from late today showed some issues that could possibly cause them to rethink surgery tomorrow. They put the breathing tube back in, concerned that he'd have issues in his sleep, but from what I understand, that seems to be a precaution to avoid any kind of emergency situation. Right before they did that, he was groggy, but passing tests such as identifying numbers & sticking his tongue out on command. He seems to be very groggy from all the wear & tear, not to mention the drugs they are giving him.

The docs are planing to wake Cy up every hour & check his ability to do things like identify numbers, etc. We got one update right around 11:30ish when his parents went back to check on progress. Things seemed OK, but surgery may or may not be back on. The docs will decide in the morning. IF they do the surgery, it should still be around 12:15 tomorrow & last about 3-4 hours. If not, they may take other action, but seems certain that some kind of treatment will happen ASAP.

If anyone that was there tonight can fill in any holes in my info, please do. And for anyone going over to visit in the morning, please post the latest so we'll know whether or not the surgery is taking place!

Till then, Cy, you are in my thoughts--me and countless other friends, family, loved ones, & dare I say, fans. If we start the Official Cy Rawls Fan Club now, I think we can turn any future musical benefit action into a full-fledged festival, right? :-)

XO, Mary B.