Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday Night

Dave and I went by tonight after a fun evening watching Cy's bowling league do what it does. Folks were all busily signing a cool poster that will be taken out to Cy at some point.

We headed out to the hospital and got there at about 10:40 p.m., so there was not much time left for visitors. We checked with the nurse to make sure he was awake. "Oh yeah, I was just in there. He's just reading a magazine," she said.

When we got in, she was right--he had his nose in a Fantasy Football magazine someone had brought by today. He was really happy to see us. He is breathing on his own and talking. He is no longer hooked up to the EEG machine at all, so he's just rocking some scraggly beard work and a semi-shaved head resembling Riff Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. He was a little groggy, but mostly just tired. He also had a nasty case of hiccups that was causing him some discomfort, but the nurse had called for some magic drug or wand or pixy dust that was supposed to take care of that. Those hiccups were really making Cy frustrated.

I asked him how he felt about being at Duke hospital, and he responded, "I'm not happy about it." Then, really softly under his breath, he muttered, "Fuckin' Duke." I said that it sounds like this is the best place for him to be right now, and he responded, "I guess so." Someone apparently brought him some kind of Tarheels paraphernalia to keep the balance. (We should keep that coming.) I told him that I had heard from Bo Williams, and he responded, "Bo Williams?! What? How does everyone know?" I told him everyone knew because he was Cy Rawls, and who doesn't love some Cy Rawls, you know what I'm saying?

He was really happy about all the people who had come by to see him so far and all the well wishes we relayed to him. Contrary to what some might have expected, Cy was really psyched to be hearing from so many people. He said it was really cool that so many people know and are coming to visit.

The nurse said that they are working on getting him to a point where he can sit completely upright instead of relatively reclined. They will hopefully have him eating real food by tomorrow night. Right now, he has a teeny feeding tube through his nose. All in all, he looks awesome for someone who had just had the shittiest 36 hours ever. Those who visited him on Sunday will be relieved to see his progress. As far as I know, Carolyn's update about Cy's surgery being Thursday or Friday is still the plan. He had an MRI this morning that came back fine, so the brain appears to be doing just what it's supposed to.

Please continue to visit. He is still in room 4215 at Duke Hospital. Because he is in the ICU, he cannot yet receive flowers, but his parents are taking the flowers that have been sent. He really enjoys seeing everyone. Dave and I will likely be going back tomorrow, so we can print out the messages you all are posting below unless someone else beats me to it.

Man, what can you say? It's Cy Rawls!


Anonymous said...

that's great news! keep the updates coming!

andy said...

Hey Cy,
Glad to hear you're on the upswing! We are all thinking about you. Amelia will be holding you in the light this week at Carolina Friends School with a whole bunch of Quakers, so if you feel a mysterious warm tingly feeling, that's probably what it is. Keep getting better!
Andy + Amelia + Olive Shull

Anonymous said...

Hey Cy, it's Gus in Charlotte! I am glad to read yr improving by the day. Keep it up...

Sandy said...

This is fantastic news! Cy, per usual is clearly showing how tough he is. He'll be doing pull-ups before we know it! :-)

Anonymous said...


My goodness! All of us at Merge are thinking about you and sending good voodoo in your direction. Very glad to hear you're improving and can't wait to see you on your feet again.

Lots of love from E. Chapel Hill St.,


Anonymous said...

Cy, get better soon so you can high-tail it out of Duke and take the reigns of this here blog... I fully expect cyrawls.blogspot.com to be about insane Mexican wrestlers, brutal Norwegian death metal or some other craziness. Thinking about you out here in Berkeley, California, and anticipating that you will sign guest vocals for Pine State in September.

Lots of love and a steady stream of positive vibes,

Charlie Speight

danny said...

Yo man, your blog sucks. I read it every day. That tumor is going to rue the day it got Cy Rawls. I heard that behind your scraggly beard there is no chin, only another fist.
Much love, brotha.
Danny Vaughn

Charles said...

Just saw Cy a little before noon, and was really impressed with how aware he was. He was bringing up things that I could never remember. You could tell he was getting a little restless from just laying there- but is still really glad people are stopping by. His parents are really glad to see folks as well- so please don't hesitate to go. His parents will be on the benches right in front of the elevators (Cy looks just like his Mom), they'll be glad to meet you. He would like some tunes, i'm not sure if that's allowed. but maybe someone could figure out how to work that.
Go see Cy!
Charles Story

Margaret said...

Hey Cy!
I guess those Dookies are good for something after all...
I was in NC this weekend but didn't find out until I got back home. Us NYC folks are thinking about you and looking forward to seeing you at CMJ or some other such rock extravaganza!
Much love,

bill burton said...

DUDE! hang tough and get well soon. you have like a zillion friends pulling for you. I know how difficult it must be to trust your life to DOOK, but try not to think about it too much. We are all wearing our tin foil hats to send positive vibes in your direction. stay loose. cheers,bb

Sarah said...


I am coming into town tomorrow at 5 to see you, so get ready, mister. I know the waiting room will be full of like-minded well wishers, but I hope to weasel my way in. Do you like boiled peanuts? From the Charleston low country? No matter; they are on their way.


Richard A. said...

Cy -- thinking of you my good man. We hear you are already kicking this thing in the throat, which is just par for the course for you.

Everyone else -- is there any reading material or anything else Cy might like that I could put in the mail for him?

Jamie said...

Hey Cy,

Maria and I are wishing you a fast recovery and are sending the bestest positive vibrations that we can muster your way.

Plus, I've just streamlined my comic book collection, so if you have a longing to catch up on Hot Stuff the Little Devil, I'll be happy to bring 'em over.

(I've also got Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost, but I'm keeping them. Sorry.)


John said...


I expect you to see you up here in Chicago in December when Carolina plays Valpo at the United Center! Get well soon!

John Lee

Robin C. said...

I think we've got an iPod secured for Cy that will be loaded up with some tunes and taken to him in the next day or so. The nurse said it would be fine to bring in music especially when he gets moved to a more private room. We brought him a book that he seemed really excited about so if anyone goes to visit, I think books or magazines would be way more entertaining than Judge Judy which was on when we were there. His nurse was a UNC fan, too, so thanks for that!

-Robin C.

Michael J. West said...

I just heard about Cy and am so glad he's doing better. Jesus Christ, that's scary!

Cy, my man, long time no see, but the love's been flowing all throughout.

Mike West

Michael J. West said...

I just heard about Cy and am so glad he's doing better. Jesus Christ, that's scary!

Cy, my man, long time no see, but the love's been flowing all throughout.

Mike West

Tony R. Boies said...


We are all thinking about ya and wish you a speedy recovery. Donnie the Lion says you put the "Cy" in motor-Cy-cle!!! Get well soon....

Tony R. Boies

Jennifer said...

Cy! It was really cool when you were at the Polvo show in the front rockin with me and Jessica. Get better so you can make everybody stoked when they see you out!


Anonymous said...

hello cy, we have been praying for you. michele cochrane-bowles is my cousin,her dad and my mom are sister and brother. congrats on the good news! glad u r doing so much better. love, susan hinton

Greg Elkins said...


So glad to hear that you're doing better! Keep at it!

All the best wishes for your speedy recovery...

Nick Speaks said...

Keep up the fabulous work! Man, you can dislike Duke, but the hospital is a good thing... I'm thinking about going over there and tell them to help me get this spike out of my head.. Look forward to seeing you soon!
Nick Speaks and Family

Anonymous said...

Lots of love and light from a friend you haven't met- You have good friends that are sending out loving requests to send you positve vibes to aid in your healthy recovery! You are loved man!
I look forward to having a beer with you when you are back on the scene! ; ) xo Danalynn

Vince said...

glad to hear you are improving. you'll be out of Dook hospital soon enough. take it easy dude.

pia said...
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