Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not an Update: Mush Moment

<mush >
I was thinking about it last night while I was in bed (since Cy's all I can think about--every dream I remember last night was about Cy), and I had a strange realization.

Cy's situation is an amazing opportunity that I wouldn't ever wish on anyone. How many people get the chance to find out just how much their friends love them? Cy has spent his entire adult life showing us how much he loves us. He shows up at our parties so quietly, makes sure we know he's there, and then slips out without fanfare. He crosses the country for our rock shows. (He often does all of these things in one night. ) He always takes the time to say hello and tell us how well we did at whatever we're doing. Who does that?! Cy does that.

Now, we're getting the chance to show Cy how much we love him. What a strange, unfortunate gift. I don't think Teddy Kennedy had as many visitors as Cy has had.

Don't wait for brain tumors: tell your friends you love them.
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kristiep said...

yes to kerry's note! always remember to tell your friends you love them and your parents, siblings, and other family members. time goes by so quickly.

Hepstyle said...

I remember when Cy came to see Erie Choir play at The Earl in Atlanta. He was on his way to Louisiana and stopped by. We went to the Clermont afterwards, and it was bliss. I accidentally, drunkenly left a wad of cash in his car, and even though he was way out of town on his way to NOLA, he turned that car around and brought my belongings back to me. I've never met Cy's equal.

Julie said...

hi Cy,
It was good to see you on Tuesday. We've been thinking of you nonstop. We like your new haircut. Your parents are so awesome. We're big fans of the whole Rawls family. Get well soon!

lots of love,
julie & nathan

Ruby said...

Completely agree, Kerry. It's a beautiful thing to see the love of a huge community of Cy Rawls fans.