Sunday, July 27, 2008

Message from Frank Rawls and Shirt News

Hey folks,

Here is an update I received from Cy's dad:
Cy came home yesterday afternoon around 4:30 PM. He had a good rest of
the afternoon and night. The home service nurse which will work with us
met us here around 4:40 PM. She is wonderful.

He will continue his radiation therapy as an outpatient going to Duke
Raleigh Hospital (old Raleigh Community Hospital).

It is hard to put into words how we all feel about you because all of
you are very special.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

God Bless you!

Frank and Susan Rawls

The Merch has made some posse t-shirts for Cy. They donated the shirts and their services. The shirts are $20 and can be purchased from Tim Ross (tim at tubafrenzy dot org).


Paul said...

Awesome shirt! I took a picture of mine if you want show what the actual shirts look like.

Kyle said...

Tim dropped some off at Chaz's shop, so you can also get them from Bull City Records, while supplies last.

Tim Ross said...

Hey y'all, the shirts are now available for $20 each at CD Alley in Chapel Hill, Bull City Records in Durham, and The Merch in Carrboro. T-shirts can also be mail-ordered for $23.50 each via Orange County Line.