Thursday, July 24, 2008


Got to see Cy tonight in his sweet new digs (Rm. 4123). His folks said he might be going home on Friday or Saturday. When we saw him, he had the nastiest case of hiccups I've ever seen. Poor thing. I asked about the magic fairy dust they have for it, and he said they won't let him take it. Too bad.

I asked if he liked this ward better than the last. He said he did mostly because there wasn't all the yelling. In the neuro ward, the doctors and nurses yell very loudly to the patients to keep them focussed and on task during tests like moving limbs or blinking.

He's had a couple sessions of radiation and he's been taking the oral chemo meds. The treatments are making him a little nauseous. I heard from his folks that the hospital served him mystery meat for dinner tonight. They thought it was meatloaf. When I asked Cy, he said he thought it was pork. When I laughed, he said, "I threw it up anyway." So nausea is clearly the order of the day. As Cy's folks were leaving, he said that today had been a pretty good day.

That reminds me! Frank e-mailed me a few hours ago with the following request:
Please ask everyone for the moment to stop bringing Mexican food and milk shakes (dairy products) for Cy. We think this might be causing some of the nausea.

Any help in this matter would be appreciative.

Once again, thank everyone for their support to all our family.
God Bless you!
Frank and Susan Rawls
Back to my story.
As we were on our way out, Rob K. showed up with his cooler of Locopops. Cy was as happy as he could be. He dove right in.

Dave and I are in Wilmington until Friday night, so anyone with updates should post them!


jessica o said...

When I saw him yesterday I told him about the benefit at Slim's, which he said he didn't know about & was very excited. He was like "August 1st..hmmmm..." I told him, "Cy I know that is a nice goal to work towards, but man the last place you need to be is around a shitload of people." For those of you who are unfamilar with Chemo, while it is killing all the cancer, it is also killing good cells as well, making the cancer patient's immune system very vulernable. But that all said, I wouldn't be suprised to see him rocking out with us in the very near future.

PS. He can open a DVD & Stuffed Animal store in his hospital room!

Megan said...

I was glad I got to see him last night. As other people have said, he had a horrendous case of the hiccoughs, which must have been exhausting. He did say that the nausea cured them at one point, though. Despite his discomfort, he was still very much Cy, and we commiserated about dogs with humping problems. I think Patrick is going to try to bring him an order of (dairy-free) noodles with braised beef from the joint across the street today. Hope he'll have an appetite.

Megan Lewis

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen this on the blog yet, but Skip's A/V Geeks show this weekend will be a benefit for Cy. Tir Na Nog, Sunday, 7:30pm. If someone can put this on the blog instead of in the comments, that would be great.