Friday, July 18, 2008

All Hands on Deck


Tomorrow is a big day. At 10am, the doctors are going to remove Cy's breathing tube. If he can breathe on his own, they will move forward with a very aggressive course of chemotherapy immediately. Cy's parents want as many people there to visit Cy tomorrow as possible. We lift his spirits and keep him focussed. Don't feel the need to bring anything, but your presence is requested. If you have not felt comfortable coming out yet, now is the time for you to find your Cy zone. He needs us now more than ever.


Mary T in New Orleans said...

My thoughts are with you, Cy, and all of your great friends and family in the Triangle.
Will see you soon!


Patrick Anders said...

Megan and I visited the hospital at 8 tonight, but as Cy was still under intubation and as a lot of family were around we didn't feel that it would be helpful to see him, with more important visitors already taxing the visiting time.

We did drop off a few movies for Cy. If anyone is considering donating the original Dawn of the Dead, any of the three Shaft movies, Cleopatra Jones, or Party Girl (of which we had an extra copy, for some reason), don't bother any longer. I'm sure Cy's father wonders why we were bringing these films to his son, but Mr. and Mrs. Rawls was as pleasant and gracious as could be.

Thanks for the update Kerry. We'll try to visit Cy tomorrow or if that's not possible, certainly on Sunday.

takeachancenance said...

I was lucky to visit Cy on Tuesday, a week hasn't even gone by since then and it feels like too long ago. Not being comfortable with hospitals and focusing on getting to his room...I must have walked right by friends and family that were resting. Now I have a feeling that would be impossible. This week felt like a month to me....spreading the word about our boy, hanging on every new update, hoping when I show up again I can get through the crowd for a few minutes to see his brilliant face recognize me and smile. Missing Cy, but loving you all for your whole hearts. To those of you that can be there at 10am and day after day....thank you.

Matt said...

Marty and I were so glad to see you today Cy! The skullet, I predict, will be all the rage next year. I forgot to give you this: "Woooooo". Robb, Marty and I will be there to give you one in person tomorrow. We're thinking about you bud, all our love goes to you. See you tomorrow!

sherry kornfeld said...

We can't be there today - but we're thinking of you, Cy. Wishing you well - love, bob, sherry, and ava

chuck j said...

Hey Cy! I wish I could be there today! I'm sending thoughts from NY!