Monday, July 14, 2008

Leave Notes for Cy

If you can't make it to the hospital to visit him this week, please feel free to post comments. We'll print them out and take them over for you.


Thad Anderson said...

Hey Cy - So glad to hear that you're doing better. And it sounds like you are in good hands, if they had Ted Kennedy out on his boat the day after he got out. Keep it up, and know you are in a lot of folks' thoughts and prayers.

And on behalf of everyone (and especially those of us who live outside the Triangle) thanks to Kerry for putting up this blog.

(Wash., DC)

brad lambert said...

Cy - it's been a long time, but I was happy to see your name on Kevin J's email list and was excited about seeing you in August. Don't know if that trip will be in the cards or not, but I hope to see you up and about sometime soon. I want us to go do a Daltrey/Townshend karaoke duet next time I'm in NC.

Brad Lambert

Bo Williams said...

Cy- fuck cancer. I hope you're up and about soon, and you and your families will be in my thoughts over the next few weeks. I'm hoping for a Rawls/Kennedy red-state/blue-state alliance here.

DC Nahm said...


Until you are back up on your feet, I am going to live your life for you. So right now you are watching the a rerun of VH1's "I Love Money" for the second time. You are really rooting for Hoops, but you kind of have a soft spot for Chance. Later on you will walk to Qudoba (30 minutes) while listening to Biggie and Silkworm to get a burrito. You also now live in Harrisonburg, which is going to make the commute to work tough.

I guess this also means I need to go to a show tonight.


missy said...

i was thinking about you a lot today, about where you were yesterday, where you are now, and where you'll be tomorrow, and i want you to be here by the goodest ..

Baddest --+----+----------+ Goodest
earlier gooder tomorrow

i'm thinking of you, everyone here is.. emails all day, from all around the country.. you gotta lotta mazin' people around you.. thinkin of you, good thoughts, positive thoughts...

to pass the time at the hospital, i think...

i think david nahm should write a funny story for you.. a really long painful awkward one..

matt kalb, can you tell one for david? in case he don't see this?

much love and positivetely thinkin


Michele Cochrane said...

Cy Rawls!
Trent and I have thought about you all day. We are sending lots of love and healing energy.
We plan to visit real soon.
Take care... and remember you have a lot of fans rootin' for you!

Trent & Michele

Ruby said...

(Kerry, thank you so much for starting this blog!)

Cy, I just want you to know I am thinking about you and sending lots of love your way. Will try to come by the hospital soon.

Ethan Clauset said...

I'm not sure what Grady's post to AMCH in 1996 "Open letter to the Cy Rawls contingent at XYC" is on about but count me in the Cy Rawls Contingent.

Is anyone going to visit tomorrow after work?

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry to hear about what happened, but if i know you even a little bit, you're going to fight like a motherfucker to get through this. and we're all here to help you fight. i don't think i can get out there on the scooter to visit, but you know i would, if i could.
take it slow. don't worry about the shows, they'll be here when you come home!
love, hbomb

jeanna said...

Damn, Cy! I don't think I can get down to see you this weekend so I am sending this via your friends who are creative and awesome. So even superman has his not so good days and I am not at all surprised about the quickness with which you are responding to the care and treatment you are receiving, even if it is from Duke University Hospital. Luckily, you have a little super-man in you too! I'm thinking about you and your scraggly beard! luv, jeanna

smithers said...


jessica o said...

Just this once you're going to have to sit back & let the Blue Devils win Cy...came by yesterday, but you had a line around the block. Going to try again today.


Aeryca said...

Hello Cy,
It's been a long long time. Crazy how quickly time flies, and so does the word around Raleigh (and I'm in DC). I know those darned bluedevils are gonna take great care of you, and you are a fighter and will pull through this! Get well soon!! I'm moving back to Raleigh in a matter of months and hopefully I will see you out and about with those funky red pants on. :)

Thoughts & Prayers,

Mitchell McGirt said...

Cy. Just keep thinking about the Heels, man! You DO NOT want to miss this coming season. Fight on, brother!

-Mitchell McGirt

RIKK said...

When I told Biggers that you were at the same hospital that treated Kennedy, he assumed I was talking about the MTV VJ from the nineties.

pia said...

I was cursing your phone last week for giving me these "out of service" messages. I didn't know you were out of service yourself. But, since I have to see you every time I'm in Raleigh I'll be out there tonight, no matter how long the line is...

Bob said...

Cy - many folks are thinking about you, including me. I know that as you get healthy, you're probably thinking WWGDD? (What Would Glenn Danzig Do?) He would beat the shit out of that cancer. I know you will, too. Looking forward to seeing you at another show soon.

-Bob P.

Chrissy said...

Cy! I've missed seeing you around for a while, and am sad you are having to deal with this right now. But like Bob said, you are easily going to kick this thing's ass GD style! I remember when we went tubing on the Dan river a few years back, ALL the ladies were chirping about your muscles! With that recollection, I am confident that you're going to get over this in record time. See you soon-
Chrissy Walker

Chad said...

My thought are with you man. I hope to see you around soon!
Chad Boyd
(yeah, that popular kids guy you run into every couple of months...)

C Wiley Riser said...

Let the Blue Devil docs help you beat this, and then enjoy this winter when the Heels beat the crap out of Dook and everyone else. You have to be ready to get at least slightly belligerent at the Pine State reunion show on 9/5. So, you've got 6 weeks...

Chris Riser

Matt said...

Hey Cy Rawls---

Congratulations on getting better & better. Keep that shit up - you'll get yrself outta there in no time.

I look forward to running into you again on a street corner in Brooklyn or somewhere before too long.

---Matt Anderson

Matt Kalb! said...

Cy, this was so heartbreaking and shocking when I first heard. Thankfully the reports keep telling us you're getting closer to well all the time, rapidly. That's how it needs to go. In no time you'll be back to driving 15 hours to a show, then leaving in the middle to get to that other cooler show 5 more hours away.

OK, OK, but check out this Little Known Fact: Ted Kennedy actually WAS an MTV VJ in the 90's, but he went under the name "2K" or "Too Kool" depending on who from the Wu Tang you asked. He and Matt Pinfield would just needle each other like crazy. Like, at first everybody thought it was good-natured but pretty soon it was clear: there was nothing but smoldering hate between those two. 2K would draw things on the back of MP's head, then MP would back-room engineer a Republican majority in Congress for a ridiculous number of years.

MTV finally had to ask Too Kool to leave after a particularly vicious incident involving:
1. MP's grunge-themed Scotch tape dispenser and
2. a fake bucket of
3. real duck entrails

And after that it got weird.

Get way better way soon,


Eric said...

just heard from hicks and jessica that you were in the hospital. sounds like you are in very good hands. this is a good state to be living in when you have cancer. i have two close family members who were diagnosed with prostate and colon cancer (respectively) a few years back, and both are cancer-free today and kicking ass. i don't doubt for a minute that you'll be doing the same before long.
keep on keepin' on,

-- eric shepherd

Grady said...

Knowing how much "fight" you have in you, I'm looking forward to seeing you out at shows (or just out & about) soon. Until then, my thoughts are with you and I am sending you every bit of positive energy I have. I wish you a quick recovery. Take comfort that there are so many people concerned about you and cheering you on. Rock on, Cy!

- Nancy H (aka grady c)

*thanks Kerry for posting this blog

Jenn said...

Goddam you have some funny friends Cy. I hope laughing doesn't hurt too much. Get better!!!! xoxoJenn

marty said...

Well Cy, I can't bring the
IMAX to you on the you are going to have to speed this healing process up a bit. I did interpret your text as an invite to watch Dark Knight together....I'll see you on Friday, no not riding me bike, riding with Matt Lavalle.
p.s. he ripped hard on his drums for you last night at a BCHQ show.
p.s.s. if the universe really answers
requests(and I believe it does)....then you will pop out of Duke fast.
p.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s. Dark Knight dude

stingy said...

Cy, I'm at home right now looking at my Merch Holiday Party 2005 poster: Cyrus Hill (cypress hill tribute). You know what B-Real, Sen-Dog and DJ Muggs would say right now, right? "We ain't goin' out like that, we ain't goin' out like that (we ain't goin' out!)"

I see here that you're reading up on fantasy football. Who do you think should be #1 - Tomlinson or Adrian Peterson? ADP still has Chester Taylor to deal with, plus you have the injury concerns. Of course, if ADP was as bad-ass as you, I wouldn't be as worried about him bouncing back from getting tackled hard.

Get well soon and we'll come visit in 2 weeks when we're down there.

-Stingy & Shana

Barry said...

Cy -- Will bring by some Tar Heels jammies this weekend. Whip this shit, goddammit.

Claire said...

Hey Cy, Of course we all know -- you're goddamn Cy Rawls! I'm thinking good thoughts your way, and hope you continue to feel better, eeeven though you're at Duke (which, yes, sucks, though I'm feeling pretty good about their doctors right about now). I'm sending as many good thoughts as I can your way! Feel better! xo.

And thanks Kerry for relaying all these messages!

Anonymous said...

You're on my mind and Im glad to read that you're doing better! Hang in there bud!!

Jamie Bowles

Geneffects said...

Cy - This is Brian from the Cradle. I'm looking forward to more over-the-top racist stand-up in the near future, man!

elizabet said...
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franz kunst said...

I am yet another person that is glad you are still alive. Sending you get well vibes from 2,392 miles away,

elizabet said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm sending good vibes to you from over here on the west side.

(Oh and DUKE!)

I'll be sure to get that NC State jersey you love so much in the mail today.


Glenn / Local 506 said...

Cy, if I can turn my bleach-drinking ER visit into a round of music trivia, then I think you can turn this into a entire music festival with just the folks who posted here...Cy-Fest!

Glad to hear you're doing better and thanks to everyone for the updates. I know I've been reading every single one of them. You are loved, Cy!


Kat said...

Cy -
Wish I was there to see you make a bad ass recovery! Sending lots of love and hugs from all of us in Chicago and looking forward to talking to you and seeing you soon.
ps: Just remember, you have circled the Rocky Balboa sculpture, therefore you are invicible.

Mary Ellen said...

Wow Cy, bodies and brains are strange. Sounds like you'll be perking up before you know it, though. Then its time for late night drives to see bands and friends in cities.
Get well soon, old pal!

Martin said...

Hi Cy,

Stef and I hope to make it by to see you soon. It's great to hear that you are feeling better. Hang in there buddy. We are all thinking about you and sending much love and good thoughts.

BTW, has Coach K dropped by to see you yet? I'm sure he's busy with USA basketball, but he sends his best wishes.

Go Duke! ;-)

-martin hall

Butch said...


Geddes just set the date for Nutstock 2008, and it just wouldn't be the same if you didn't show up randomly at 2:30a.m. on your way to a Paul Di'Anno's Battlezone or a Teenage Jesus side project show happening in Nova Scotia.

In fact, this year we'll be needing to see some Cy Rawls IN ACTION action, either standup or sitdown, hell I don't care as long as that 2:30a.m. visit still goes down.

Lots of luv from us up here in DC including the NUT posse!



Fran Pollitt said...

I will always be indebted to you for bailing me out of a late 90's TNF for which I didn't do my homework. All the reports I'm getting sound like you're fighting this with the tenacity of a wrestling superstar, which is no surprise to me. See you in NYC this fall, right? Love and hugs til then.

Anonymous said...

Cy, I am thinking of you! I miss seeing you out and about. Hope to run into you again soon. Hey, I think we'd make a mint opening up a falafel cart downtown btw. Relaxing while selling good food. There'd be plenty of cash for shows. I'd quit my job for that. Think about it ....

Much Love,

fletch said...


I'm rootin' like hell for ya, bud! Looking forward to trading jumpers with you on the courts at Anderson St!!!!

Love, Fletch

Mike said...

hey cy, this is mike mcritchie in scotland wishing you all the best for a speed metal recovery. hope to see you next time i'm in nc. rock on man, mike.

sarah carrier said...

hey Cy -- i think that the last time i saw you was at that Earth show in Raleigh -- it's been too long, man! i am thinking of you, and look forward to hanging out again soon. i wish you all the best, sarah carrier.

Liz Winfrey said...

Cy, I really hope you feel better soon, man! I just heard yesterday and was really worried about ya. I hope everything turns out ok!!

Birds of said...

whats up midrange! glad you are felling better.. cheetie and i and lots of others (obviously!) are thinking about you over here in mordecai and in the rest of the world.. !

Anonymous said...


Very disappointed you didn't bowl on Monday - some people would have thought to prebowl before they went into a coma, but whatever, live and learn I guess.

Get well soon man.


ash bowie said...

Hey Cy - Dook basketball is indeed despicable, but their doctors are top-notch. They need to get you fixed up a.s.a.p. before we bring Baron Von Raschke in there to put the claw on somebody. Going to bring you some magazines and stuff. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cy,

Bands up here have been asking me where you were, I'll make up something good ("Zeppelin was in Thailand this week"). It's great to hear that you're awake and complaining, keep it up. Also, sleep lots, finish your jello, get some free weights in there and start lifting--there'll be another Cover-Up someday and Wham! with a shirtless George Michael is something I want to see.

Rob K (in NYC)

Evan Davis said...

Hey Cy--hang in there man. Like I told Tim on Monday when I found out, you are undoubtedly the heart and soul of WXYC and have been an immensely positive influence on everyone here, old and new DJs alike, myself certainly included.

Take care of yourself, and all the best wishes,

Evan Davis

Frank said...

Cy - keep it up, man! I want you back on the courts soon. On the comedy stage? Did I mention that I wanted you on the courts soon? ha! Maybe I should write your material?

see you soon! Get well asap.


Rachel said...

Howdy Cy-
I'm going to come stand in line and wait my turn to see you this afternoon. If I don't make it in, I'll try and at least slip in some sweet, sweet Tarheel gear from student stores. Ask the docs if you can make it to Kings Dominion this season. I promise to ride the swings with you this time.


Rebekah Hren said...

Stephen and I are way out west, otherwise we'd be there waiting in your long-ass visitor line. But we're thinking about you every day. Stephen's boss Pat Schell went through brain tumor surgery at Duke a month ago, and now he is better than ever (I'm serious, it is unbelievable, they gave him a new forehead that is much sexier than his old one!!) Those doctors know what they are doing, even if they do work at Duke. We'll be back in town in two weeks, we'll queue up to see you (like you're famous...wait, you are famous, I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't know you)- Rebekah and Stephen

Rick Sawyer said...

Hey Cy --

Courtney and I are in some Boston news vortex and only just heard you were sick. You are in our thoughts. Stick with that recovery the way you stuck with Dave Heller in the back court.

Yonderwesty said...

this will make you feel better:

see you soon my friend.

much love,


Matt Blanchard said...

Hey Cy -

Sending you all the best wishes from the Anderson St. Basketball Crew (Da ABC). Get well soon and get the hell out of the Devil's Den.

Go Cy! and Go Heels!

Helen said...

Hey Cy. This is Phil Hammond's sister Helen. I hope that you will feel better very soon. I have had a mad crush on you ever since I saw one of your Jesus Lizard cover shows a couple of years ago! You're awesome!

Kate said...

Hey Cy,

I've been thinking about ya and praying for you every day. I wonder if you got my ecard I sent you from Duke Hospital's site? No matter. You've obviously got so many great friends. I hope to come by the hospital very soon.

Talk to you later,
Kate Townsend

j_flude said...

Cy! Get out of bed and get better cause I need you on my flag football team. We also need a snappy dresser for the next chili bowl. Gods speed on your recovery, my good man, we are all praying for you.


Reese McHenry said...


While I was going on and on and on about how hot Jesus was (at the Federal last Friday), we could have been talking about what the Wire did to Omar Little (my favorite ruffian of all time) and how I believe that Omar is still alive to this day because he had no limp when walking into the grocery store.
Kenard! If I was his mother...

Get well soon so we can get that Heart cover band together - you can play guitar and/or bass and I'll warble away while being shunned by my band members for my weight problem (Ann Wilson endured this when she could sing like -- well, like Ann Wilson -- what will happen to me? The Heart cover band fun level just went down for me).

The point I have yet to make is everyone is thinking about you and sending positive vibes towards Duke.


David C. said...


You are a living legend and I want you to stay that way. Get well and stay well. Coach K. will not be able to mess with you as he's busy with the Olympics. I will have the Jehovah Witness's that have been coming around say a prayer for you. We are out here in Portland now, but we're thinking about you. Stay strong etc... We need you!

David Craig
Nutstock etc...

Register the Cat said...


I'm so glad to hear that you're improving. Please keep it up, we're all pulling for you. The comments here remind me that I really need to see some more Cy Rawls comedy sometime -- your set at Kings a couple years ago ruled pretty hard.

I look forward to seeing you around soon.

Robert Biggers

rebecca bengal said...

Hey Cy, I don’t know if I’ll get into see you this week ‘cause Matt and I are busy out on the hospital grounds filming the new “Cy Rawls Parking Lot” documentary, and man, is it a scene. They say Judas Priest’s got nothing on you. Where my backstage pass at?
Nah, I guess Brooklyn’s little further off than that—and tho Matt got to see you in NC the other month, it’s sure been way too long since I have. I’ll have to remedy that soon. Meanwhile you just sit back and let yourself get remedied and fixed up all nice. Until soon, much love & healin’,
Rebecca & Matt

takeachancenance said...

Cy - WOW man I uh had NO idea what you'd been through these last few days before I dropped in on you Tuesday. I just heard you were in the hospital, called around, found you and without a second thought came to your bed side. Thanks to this blog I'm all caught up now and DAMN impressed by how I found you watching your Law & Order, sipping your ginger ale and looking like you were just taking it easy. Cracking about your hair and me cracking back that I've had worse hair cuts, and I REALLY mean that. Of course, those photos will never show up. ;) You are in my thoughts daily, ah you were before this weekend nothing has changed. ;) You just keep doing like you are doing and we'll play tennis soon, no more excuses (promise). XOXO

Phil & Robin said...

Hi Cy,
Robin and I are thinking good thoughts for you and are planning to come visit next week. Now that you have a DVD player, I'll bring you all my releases of Wholphin (the MCSweeney's DVD magazine), which may provide some entertainment, especially the one where the Swedish guy sings "Stairway of Heaven" backwards.

See you soon,

PS. If I still did a shift on WXYC, I'd play The Replacements' "Take Me Down to the Hospital" for you.

Dave Heinl said...

WHAT?? You are in Duke Hospital? You must be more compromising as you age.

Speaking of old age, this is Ben's Dad, Dave. Ben called me to tell me about your situation, and I wish you all the best.

Janice and I will be thinking of you as you go through your operation, and will be in touch with you following it.

Man, you have so many friends! What a blog comment list! You truly are a special guy.

All our best,
Janice and Dave Heinl

All our best,

Anonymous said...

Cy - So sorry to hear about your situation. Cancer sucks!!! I'm sure being around all those Duke fans makes it even worse. It sounds like you've been doing better though... you had us all scared for a minute. I'm sure you'll be up and rockin' out to Danzig records in no time. Keep getting better!

Go 'Skins,

elise said...

Dear Cy-
It was so good to see you Monday and you looked great then, so I hope very much that now you look and feel even better. About the haircut. I heard you didn't like it so much, but I wanted to let you know that I am reminded of a haircut I gave myself once, and then repeated on Ingrid's Skipper doll- because it was just so awesome. I will then ask you to think of it instead as a fresh, youthful haircut, as both me and Skipper had it once. Sending you lots of love and I know the surgery today will go great.

Ken Fowler said...

Hello Cy,

I attempted to visit you yesterday evening, but your doctors had just taken you for a ride in the MRI. Sorry I missed you. I'll be by soon.

Your parents are friendly folks, though. As soon as I stepped out of the elevator, your parents recognized me as a member of the Cy visitation demographic, and pointed the way to your room.


Davis - Griffin said...

Hey Cy - we're all thinking of you lots! Our family is sending you that PMA all day - especially today (thursday) - Hang in there man -
we'll see you sometime soon
Ben Davis
(Rick, Lindsay and little Niko)

kristiep said...

cy - we have been thinking about you all week. today we will continue to send healing vibes your way as it seems those awesome doctors at duke will be inside your head making it all better.

we'll be by to see you once the healing beings. we have been holding off this week because we know you need your rest and probably about one million friends have been to see you. hang in there and stay tough.

ps. the poison special comes on tomorrow and i am finally going to get a chance to watch it. also "from g's to gents" started on mtv and you should try to watch it. i am trying to catch up on "i love money." and most importantly don't forget: cheap trick, heart, journey august 10th.

take care.

kristie & geoff

Matt said...

What's up Cy? Jump this hurdle, and get up out that bed, fooooo! Marty and a I are thinking about you bud, so keep it Diamond Wash, Baby Fresh. To everyone who reads this blog and is in the Raleigh area, Drew Wood and I are trying to set up a benefit show at Slims on the second weekend of August. As soon as we get the date confirmed, you'll start seeing flyers. Should be a fun show, spanning a range from some hardcore punk to some space rock weirdness. All the money we make will be given to Cy and his fam to offset the cost of some of his medical bills. More to follow, but until then, we're all thinking of you Cy. Get betterer!!! Not soon! NOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Cy,

I just heard about your situation and I am so fucking worried! Dude, I love you. You're one of the best people I've ever met and I am always happy to see you. I know you'll get through this.

Your friend,
Dave Price

Adam Perlmutter said...

Hi Cy,

Wishing you a speedy and full recovery, and hope to get a spontaneous call from you before long in NYC. In the meantime I might have a secret Yngwie Malmsteen video for you to enjoy while recuperating.


Peter Geddes said...

Cy! The rockingest rocker!
I know you'll beat this and be back to your rocking ways soon! A guy at work related how he scored tickets to a wrestling pay-per-view event in Dallas a couple weeks ago and wore his Sean Taylor jersey to the live event. His seats were right behind the announcers so he got on camera (for the broadcast and in the arena) alot. People were booing and threatening him. Tony Dorsett (yes, that Tony Dorsett) was in the house and gave him a slap on the butt for being so ballsy as to wear a Redksins jersey in Dallas. Turns out Dorsett was the only cool guy in Dallas (how'd that happen?), but what do expect from Dallas? Get well soon, my man!

Peter Geddes

Karen Kletter said...


Just found out about this. I'm far away, but sending good thoughts and hope to my old XYC pal.

Karen Kletter
Oxford, UK

Kate said...

Hey Dude,

You are gonna make it through this.


Joanna said...


Keep your head up! We know you're gonna beat this thing into the ground and get back on top, showing up at every worthy rock show and house party across the nation. Until then, much love and good thoughts to you...

Take care,
Joanna and Matt Welborn

pia said...

I just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you and your family. I'll be sending all the positive good vibes I can over your way. I know if anyone can beat a tumor it is you. I googled this story for you. I remembered it from something I saw on TV about 20 years ago. Use the force Cy...

The Little French boy:

About 10 years ago I recall reading a true story about a little boy in a hospital in France who was dying from terminal lung cancer. Doctors had stopped his chemotherapy and had given him 2 weeks to live. After the first week doctors saw a marked improvement in the boys health. By the middle of the second week puzzled doctors decided to have the boy under go a chest x-ray. The chest x-ray showed the boys lungs were clear the cancer had gone. Mystified the doctors asked the little boy had he done any thing different over the last 2 weeks.

The little boy told the doctors that every day and every night he would close his eyes tightly and asked his hero Luke Sky Walker from the movie Star Wars to come down and shoot the evil aliens (his cancer cells) inside his body.

The little boy said "my friend Luke Sky Walker did it doctor my friend went bam, bam and killed the evil aliens in my lungs". Dumbfounded the doctors had no choice but to believe the boy because there was no other reasons for them not to.

Cheetie said...

cy- i just don't know what to say--- i do know you're going to be up and about in no time- hopping in your car and going to some far away place for the hell of it...we'll see you soon...
we're thinking about you all the time!
love, cheetie (and paul)

Amber "no relation to Mike" Dunleavy said...

Hey Cy,

Alzo's doing a live set on University of MD's station WMUC this Sunday. We'll give ya a shout out - "The homeowner's association sucks!" Ya know what I mean?

A guy I work with is going through a similiar thing, sucks. Real active dude - a marathon runner, super intelligent, and liked by all. I hope both you guys pull though this.

I wish you the best. I know I don't know you that well, but it's always a pleasure running into you at the Nut house and seeing your smiling face.

Take it easy,

Amber "no relation to Mike" Dunleavy

marty said...

It was soooooooooo good to see you today(Friday..I just got off of work so it is now Saturday) I thought I scared the bejesus out of you as you were sleeping like a baby when I got there, but nay..your bright eyes and excited handshake let me know I was welcome. I'll see you again soon-like I said will probably get sick of seeing my face ;) but that's ok-I get sick of it too. Love and sweet healing energy my friend.

diggityderek said...

Thinking about you and the major ass kicking tumors have coming.
-derek easley

Anonymous said...

Cy- I'm thinking about you every day and wishing I could be there. I know you'll be out of there in no time. -Greta

takeachancenance said...

Reading the latest update..
"It was good see him tearing into some chicken with gusto." That's the first time I laughed all week.
That visual also made me very hungry, which is confusing for a meat-eating vegetarian like me that pretty much has been living off a pan of brownies today.

Missing your emails that break up the work day and speed them along.


Jenny and Lee Waters said...

Hang in there buddy. I have seen your jiujitsu moves and know that you are tough enough to beat this. Lee and I are thinking about you and wishing you every good thought. I'm going to try to get Ronnie James Dio's autograph to cheer you up. Much love to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cy,

Me, Matt, Rebecca and Gary and Emilie's thoughts are with you and apparently from the people on this blog there are a few more of us out there. My girlfriend had thyroid cancer when she was 17 and she went through treatment and has been ok since. No thyroid, they had to remove it, a few more checkups than before, but hey, she survived. Keep up the fighting, we have faith in you man. BTW its a beautiful image, err well... comforting to read you are tearing into some real food... Good Luck, hope ill get a chance to see you sooner than later.


Paul Lara

Brandi McCarn said...

Hey Cy!

Nancy has been keeping me posted on your progress. Hope all is going well. We'll have to hang out again after you're well so I can harass you. It's been way too long, doncha think?

ddoodd said...


I've already left a comment on another post and I finally was able to fight through the crowds to actually see you. But still, I'm sending another message because you can't have enough. Plus, I wanted to leave one using my true Tropic of Food identity.


Chris Calloway said...

Il Rossi just gave me the news. (I've been gone for a week.) I was gonna say, if you beat this, then I'll become a Tar Heel fan. But then I know in a Cy Rawls vs. Stupid Cancer smackdown, Stupid Cancer doesn't stand a hippy's chance in Dunn, NC. And I don't really want to be a Tar Heel fan. Really, I don't. So I will shut up now. -3.2.3

the bfs said...


man i was sad to hear about this shit. i am however super happy to hear that things are turning towards the better.

you can beat this man.

seeing how everyone is rallying around you is one of the most heartwarming things i have seen in a long time.

with friends like you have,

you can't lose.

rock on with your bad self


(oh .. this is peder from greensboro.. raymond brake.. whatever.)

ferg said...

Cy - good thoughts being sent your way from Boston. Looking forward to kicking your butt in the Busey League again this fall!


Paula said...

hey cy -
it's paula. i'm in mexico but sarah corbitt gave me the heads up. just wanted to say hi and i'm thinking of you and hoping things go well. i'm glad you are home now - that's great news. dude, thinking of you reminds me there is no music here. well, okay, there's like one reggae band that plays every week, but that hardly counts. and it's disconcerting that i can go out and not run into you - i think it is a sign i'm doing something wrong. on the other hand, there are topless chicks on the beach - isn't that a cosmic sign of doing something right? it would make more sense if there were both topless chicks AND cy rawls. the universe would be less confusing. in any case, i hope i to run into you sometime. take care cy. XOXO paula

Matt Dale said...

Cy Rawls! My UNC One Card never recovered from its role in our early-morning attempt to jimmy the lock on the door to the music director's office back in '99 (hi franz!), but it gave me one of my favorite memories from Chapel Hill. We made it in there though, just like you'll make it through all this. Best,

Matt Dale

marty said...

Cy is the guy that has enough energy to take your dog for a walk, give you a ride home when you are too smashed to drive, swim the english channel, answer the most crushing trivia round questions with embarrassing success, lift weights, perform live comedy sketches, recite Rilke-Newton&- Master Shake(all with astounding accuracy) AND make your mom breakfast in 17 minutes........THAT is who Cy Rawls is.