Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wednesday Late Night Update from Mary B.

Hey folks,

Mary Brunnemer left this update in the comments, but I thought it should go here. I have not called the hospital yet to see if surgery went ahead, so if anyone knows, please let me know.

Wednesday's late night update:

Just left the late shift visiting hours. I didn't get to see Cy, but hung around for a bit. Apparently, there was a little setback this evening. The MRI results from late today showed some issues that could possibly cause them to rethink surgery tomorrow. They put the breathing tube back in, concerned that he'd have issues in his sleep, but from what I understand, that seems to be a precaution to avoid any kind of emergency situation. Right before they did that, he was groggy, but passing tests such as identifying numbers & sticking his tongue out on command. He seems to be very groggy from all the wear & tear, not to mention the drugs they are giving him.

The docs are planing to wake Cy up every hour & check his ability to do things like identify numbers, etc. We got one update right around 11:30ish when his parents went back to check on progress. Things seemed OK, but surgery may or may not be back on. The docs will decide in the morning. IF they do the surgery, it should still be around 12:15 tomorrow & last about 3-4 hours. If not, they may take other action, but seems certain that some kind of treatment will happen ASAP.

If anyone that was there tonight can fill in any holes in my info, please do. And for anyone going over to visit in the morning, please post the latest so we'll know whether or not the surgery is taking place!

Till then, Cy, you are in my thoughts--me and countless other friends, family, loved ones, & dare I say, fans. If we start the Official Cy Rawls Fan Club now, I think we can turn any future musical benefit action into a full-fledged festival, right? :-)

XO, Mary B.

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Dash Lewis said...

Holy shit, I had no idea this was going on. You're definitely in my thoughts, Cy. I wish you a speedy recovery and no more complications.