Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank You so much

I know that blog activity has been slight of late. It's hard to come back here knowing that there are no more updates to receive about Cy. But when I get to feeling down, this blog is a nice reminder of what we can do.

Many thanks to everyone who came out for the CyTunes launch party. It was amazing to be in that place, shoulder to shoulder with all of these terrific folks who didn't skip a beat when it came time to act. Let's not rest yet though. CyTunes will continue to need your help.

If you play music, submit a song. If you listen to music, check back frequently to see what new stuff has been added. If you know people at labels or in bands, encourage and then shame them into participating. CyTunes needs to grow. Only good can come from that. Work your magic, people! Let's set the bar high with this one. The possibilities are endless.