Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesdays with Rossi

Hey kids,

This message came to me from Chris Rossi an hour ago:


Nothing terribly new or informative, except his parents indicated that they were waiting on a pathology report that they hoped to get tomorrow. Based on the pathology report they will come up with a plan of attack. So they don't really know yet if they're going to be operating or what the plan will be.

Richard and I saw him around 1pm and he seemed to be really tired and ready for a nap, so we were only there for a minute. It was good to seem him talking and moving--he shook our hands. He was clearly not feeling well, though. And he still had the hiccups. I think Cy definitely appreciates all of the attention, but all his visitors had worn him out and it was time for him to rest.



Patrick Anders said...

I just got back from seeing him, for a really brief visit. He seems understandably tired, and his speech is slurred because of all the medication, but he's lucid and his mind is all there, complete with the Rawls sense of humor, despite all he's been through.

I got to speak to Cy's parents briefly. They're appreciative of all of the visits and good wishes that have come Cy's way.

Maggie said...

Ross & I were at the hospital tonight. We ran into Pat on the way in and Spot on the way out. Cy was pretty dopey, but coherent. Capable of irony, even. Hard to tell if he was tired out from all the visiting, or just tired in general, or just loopy. He looked good--normal (as opposed to the recent greenish gray) skin tone, well-maintained 'stache. He's rocking a few stitches in his forehead and a sort of reverse mohawk, but he looks OK. The feeding tube is out. Squeamish folks need not fear. Ross left him an MP3 player full of local tracks. The nurses warned us not to give him anything valuable, since it could easily get lost or stolen. Looks like he has a growing collection of small stuffed animals & magazines.