Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Saturday Update

Hey kids,

Dave and I saw Cy this evening around 6:00. Damn, it was good to hear that kid's voice! He still has the feeding tube going through his nose to his tummy, but that's no big deal. I heard that someone brought him a Gatorade, which really made him happy. He was being "fed" while we were there. It was pretty rad: the nurse fills a giant syringe with some nasty liquid meal and then just forces it into the tube that goes through his nose. We asked if they could add some Mexican seasonings or something so the kid could get a real meal.

Nicole Triche and Traci were in there with us. We had a grand old time! Cy was talking and laughing and goofing off with us. We accidentally took too long and forgot that there were about 20 people in the waiting room trying to get in. (Whoops. Sorry, guys. )

Thanks to all the people who came to see Cy Saturday. It was such a great joy for him. People just kept coming along to see him. It was awesome. He has had NO time to read his magazines or watch his DVDs because he's just had too many visitors, but he wants us all to keep coming. He's begun to decorate his room with autographed photos of Tarheels as well as pictures, art, and the rad bowling poster. (Tim Ross, you gonna get the football team to come by or what?)

Cy's parents have been fabulous. They've been sitting out in the waiting room accepting guests and food and being so gracious. They really love seeing all of Cy's friends coming to see him and showing how much we love him. His dad said that we help keep him strong.

What lies ahead in the immediate future? Well, if Cy can breathe strongly on his own through tomorrow, he will begin chemotherapy on Monday to shrink the tumor. Please keep coming by to see Cy on Sunday to keep him strong. We love you so much, Cy.


Troy said...

I overheard the nurses saying you were like some kind of a rock star.

Speaking of rock stars, you know how long it's been since I've gone to a REAL show???? At least since Olivia was born... I'll be looking forward to you getting me back into "the scene". You don't want Olivia to grow up listening to American Idol contestants do you?

I hated having to leave but I'll be back up at Duke as soon as I get back into town. I'll be sure to wear Carolina Blue to balance out the rest of the crap that floats around Durham. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

Andochka said...

I'll be visiting Cy this afternoon/evening if anyone from CH wants a ride ... d r e a f o r d at email dot unc dt edu.