Friday, July 18, 2008

Fundraising Coordination

Hey kids,

I made a Google spreadsheet that anyone can edit. It is just a shell. Feel free to add columns or rows or ideas or names. Whatever! If you want to help organize, just add your name and contact info. Some folks are most comfortable typing out addresses like this: geartilter at gmail dot com. This keeps spammers from collecting your addresses automatically.

Kick ass.


Karen A. Mann said...

Also, I'm sorry if someone has already done this, but someone could set up a paypal account for folks to donate. I think a lot of people who might not have time to come out to a show would gladly donate $5 or $10.

Anonymous said...

hey there,

i just wanted to heads up...I'm sure the hospital social worker has spoken to his family already, but if not, please get up with one. Get he or she to get in touch with the right people for benefits due him

places in question are:
Social security for Disability and SSI benefits. as long as he's paid into the system just a bit, he'll be due something for being incapacitated. and if he's got little to no income/reserves/assets then he can receive SSI benefits. Sounds like he'd get approved fairly quickly--I work in this program, and i know what they consider.

and further, contact social services to inquire as to Medicai coverage. Even if they think he'll be denied, you just dont know untilyou do it.

rumors are wrong, you DONT always get denied the first time.

you can call up the SSA office and come in,or do it by phone.

and with the wonder of the internets, you can also file for all benefits on line. easily. it'll aske for where you're getting medical care, meds, tests, etc, and it'll have you sign some release forms to get medical records. if there's anything missing, a rep calls you--or you can follow up.

please do...he's paid taxes all his life, he's entitled to this.

thoughts and prayers...

kristiep said...

Hey everyone, I am working on setting up the place for funds to go to. A paypal account cannot be set up until this happens. Cy's parents church may take the lead on the opening the account so I will keep you all updated. I will post the blog later tonight with the complete details on the the account to hold the funds.

No one should set up an account to go directly to their bank or be in their name because you could incur taxes to pay which would be really complicated.