Monday, July 21, 2008

cy eats a giant burrito

hey. just letting ya'll know that today at lunchtime i took cy a deluxe steak burrito from cosmic (tracy let me know it was ok for him to have the burrito before i went). he ate the whole thing and seemed pretty happy about eating it. he was up, sitting in his chair when i got there. he also ate a bit of his hospital food too. i was impressed by his appetite. i didn't get any other updates while i was there. it was just nice to go and visit.


Hepstyle said...

So I can cook for him?

Kate said...


Kathy H said...

Even though "Cy eats a giant burrito" sounds like an insult or an Onion headline, I am very happy for him that he can have real, delicious food that you chew again. And jealous, because I'm nowhere near Cosmic.
Somehow this just reminded me of my birthday dinner a couple years ago, when Cy ordered lamb and asked the waitress if that came with the head still on it.

Cy-- Keep on keepin' on, so we can all get back to concerning ourselves with your pre-existing conditions, chronic awesome and third-degree badass. Good luck starting your treatment, and I hope it doesn't eat the proverbial giant burrito too hard.

L, K