Monday, July 21, 2008

Additional Update

Hi Everyone,

I saw Cy this afternoon and was able to talk to his doctors a little bit about next steps in his treatment. He's looking great and he definitely has his appetite back. He should be starting his chemotherapy today (which is administered orally) and should start his radiation treatment tomorrow. As with any treatment of this kind there will be some side effects that may make him tired and not feel well sometimes but the doctor conveyed that they really won't be as bad with this treatment as many people think of when they think of Chemo. There will be good times and not so good times but Cy is tough and I know he'll "power through it".

He should also be checking out of the hospital in the next couple of days and he's got to be excited about that. I'm sure his doctors and nurses are giving him great care but I know he'll be glad to get the hell away from Duke and back into frendlier confines.

Once he is discharged he'll be going back to his parents house to stay. But for tonight and probably most of the day tomorrow, visitors are welcome!

If anyone has any more specific questions, feel free to give me a call at 323-4876.



Carolyn Wiley said...

Thanks for the news. I heard Frank mention that they may need to move some furniture at their house to get Cy comfortable, so if help is needed to prep the digs, let us know.

Carolyn Wiley

takeachancenance said...


I can't wait to hear about Cy spottings once again.
Live it Out!


Kerry Cantwell said...

Hey kids,

I saw to Cy this evening. He started taking the chemo meds today. I asked him how they made him feel, and he responded "Kinda out of it." Then he made a funny face to prove to me that he is in no way "out of it." I think he's tolerating them fine so far, but he's just started.

He definitely wants folks to keep coming by to visit while he's still there. The company keeps his spirits up. He was eating dinner while I was there (it sounds like all he does right now is eat!), and he looked great. Please keep the visits going. We'll post the info when he leaves for Raleightown.

Sarah said...

Hi guys,

I just found a website that lists grants and other funding resources for cancer patients, particularly young ones. A lot are for scholarships, but some could be helpful, and it would probably be a good idea to look into other grants out there.

sarah hess