Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Transportation Help

Hi Everyone,

Cy's dad wanted me to post this request to the blog to see if anyone could help with transportation to Cy's radiation therapy. On Friday Aug. 1 and Monday Aug. 4, Mr. Rawls has doctors appointments and won't be able to help Mrs. Rawls get Cy to his appointment. They just need someone to meet at their house at 9:30 am to go with them to the appointment and provide support to Cy in getting from the car into the office and back to the car, in case he needs it. They said they should be back home by 11:00.

Please contact Mr. Rawls at 782-7793 if you can help.

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Claire said...

I just wanted to point out how awesome everyone is--I just called Cy's dad to see if I could help, only a few hours after this blog was posted, and he has already gotten two volunteers to help out. YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING!!!