Sunday, July 20, 2008


Justin Faerber sent this awesome update this afternoon! Thanks, Justin!

Rachel and I went to see Cy around noon today. When we came in he was sitting in a chair beside the bed. He looked good and appeared to be breathing pretty well. We talked for a while, and he seemed to be in pretty good spirits. While obviously tired and a little groggy, he had no trouble confirming how many times Ric Flair has been world champion.

A big event was the arrival of lunch, which represented the first real (non-mush) food he's had in quite a while. Cy was pretty psyched about that. It was good see him tearing into some chicken with gusto.


Christina Pelech said...

That is a great update! (Justin, it's nice that you showed up ready to quiz Cy about Ric Flair. Or was it Rachel who had the WWF facts at hand?) I know it must be a relief to him to have the breathing tube out & I guess the feeding tube, too, huh? Such good news.

Patrick Anders said...

Ric Flair was WCW then WWE, never WWF.

If Cy had a laptop right now, he'd set the record straight.

Christina Pelech said...

Sigh. As I wrote that, I knew it might not be right. Thanks for setting me straight! I know Cy will appreciate it.

Mary said...

Early evening update: Rossi & I (and PJ, correct?) just finished a visit not long ago. We were there while Cy ate his dinner. He seemed to be quite eager to eat actual food. This is the longest visit I've had (sorry to the folks behind us!) and he seemed more chatty than Saturday. I'm sure he's exhausted but seemed to be in good spirits, laughed a lot, as Rossi relayed some events from a bachelor party from yesterday. That room is not big enough for Cy and all the gifts & cards & visitors!

His parents said they are talking to the docs in the AM about next steps, hopefully for chemo. Hang in there Cy, you have a giant crowd of people thinking about you!


Mike said...

Just wanted to give a quick update. Not much different than what has already been written today but it was great to see Cy destroying some cobbler. He'll have to wait a couple more days before he can have mexican, but i'm sure it will be worth the wait.

He also passed his swallowing test and was able to blow a "smiley face" on his breathing test so hopefully he'll be ready to move on to the next step tomorrow.

jrmiller2 said...

Thank you to Cy's wonderful friends who are keeping those of us who have moved away from Chapel Hill and Cy informed about him and his progress. It's comforting to hear he's making progress and in close care of such loving friends & family.

Keep it up Cy!! We're praying for you!

Richie & Nora Miller

Bendte said...

Thanks so much for the updates everyone! Go Cy! We are thinking of you.

Bendte and Viva Dave

Nick & said...

I'd like to try this "chicken with gusto". Cy, please report back about what gusto tastes like. Try to use tactile terminology in some sort of comparison/contrast analysis. Thanks, Nick S.