Thursday, July 24, 2008

fundraising account - latest info

hi everyone. i heard from cy's parents' pastor today. he told me that cy's parents have been in talks with their bank to open a "cy rawls benelovence" fund. cy's dad, frank, is working on this and the pastor told me it should be ready and open early next week. i am going to talk to cy's dad about this next monday. i will keep you posted as to where funds you collect can go. take care.


Laura said...

Just be mindful of the legalities. I don't know if there is still a possibility of this account being in care of the church, but there are major problems with it being in Cy's name (it could keep him from getting Medicare/Medicaid) or his parents' (they'll have to claim it as income). If there's a way to keep The Man's mitts off it, let's!

Evan D. said...

If a financial institution is helping set it up (as was indicated earlier), they should know the ins and outs of setting these things up while still pleasing the Feds.