Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lots of Visits to Cy Today

Hey all, I was not able to go by today, but many of you have, so I will report what I and you have learned. Cy's surgery is scheduled for noon tomorrow. If you want to see him, you will need to go by before 10:30 am. The surgery will take place on the third floor (hopefully, in a surgical room), and it should take 3-4 hours.

Read these reports for more info:

At 6:21pm, Aaron Smithers wrote:

Montgomery and I went over this morning and showed up just about the same time as Carrie Shull and we all had a nice visit. He was awake and responsive, a little uncomfortable because the feeding tube had been removed and I think his throat hurt. Still, Cy was in good spirits and we joked around a little bit and it was nice to see him laugh.
He has WXYC playing regularly it seems and I couldn't help but wonder what some of the doctors and nurses think about some of the music.
Got to visit with his dad and another gentleman whose name I cannot remember and we got to share some stories with them as well.

Aaron Smithers

At 7:25 pm, Skip Elsheimer wrote:
Michael Pilmer and I visited Cy at around 5:30pm or so. His parents have gotten good at identifying who is visiting Cy. His dad noticed Michael Pilmer's Van Halen shirt right off.

Cy was in good spirits when we saw him. Still tired. No hiccups though. He's weak and bored but still Cy - cracking jokes, etc. He has an ipod and a portable DVD player setup. Cy has requested to see The Wire. He says he wants to see it again from the beginning. So if anybody has that on DVD, he'd really appreciate watching it.

I'm told he's scheduled for surgery tomorrow afternoon. After that he's going to be recooping for a while. I asked Cy's parents when he might be up for seeing visitors. They thought it might be late Friday or Saturday though he'll probably be in rough shape - tired, etc. We may want to confer with family to see when its good to visit Cy. He appreciates the visitors but it is exhausting for him.

The parents have been very touched by all the friends visiting. Cy's cousin told the parents about the blog and all the comments. I told the parents that Cy is beloved in the Triangle music scene.

Chances are Cy and his parents are going to need help paying for all of this. So we might want to start passing a hat or something...


Carrie Shull wrote:
If any of Cy's out of town peeps need a place to stay or bathe, I live pretty close to Duke Hospital. Very close to where Anderson St runs into Chapel Hill Rd. I could give up my bed, I have a couch, or I have plenty of room for an air mattress.


1919 Ward St
Durham NC 27707


mp said...

I think his surg has been sched a little earlier today - maybe 10:30. I think the visitors help his family stay distracted in a good way.

Jackie Manuel said...

I'll bring a few seasons of the Wire by on Friday.

We must hope for the best today.


Kathy Higgins said...

Last night about 11:30 they said they were going to prep him about 10:30 and do the surgery about 12:15, if they decided this morning to go ahead as planned. All the stuff Mary said in the comments under "Complicated update..." is everything I heard, too.
I've been twice but still haven't had a chance to talk to him. If anyone's going this morning and gets to see him, would you please just wish him well for me? Thanks.

Mike said...

Hey Cy Rawls, we'll be thinking of you today and sending good vibes from Pittsburgh!
- Mike (Dick Hope)

billy stines said...

cy, i've been following everything that's going on through the blog (thanks so much to your friends for setting that up). you're in my thoughts. it seems like you're in really good hands and i'm hoping all goes well today. i just moved back to indiana for a job, but don't worry - jandek chapel hill is still in the works for next spring. i expect you to be there!

jason said...

just reading the updates - had been planning to visit later today with best wishes from my bro adam and myself - if anyone sees this message before the surgery, please let cy know that we hope everything goes smoothly and will see him on the flip side! jason p.

Anonymous said...

Cy, I don't even know you, but I know Mary B. and Carolyn and Bynum and a million other people who do. Wanted you to know how far the circle extends and how many people are sending love and prayers and good energy your way.

And one day all these people are going to tell their grandchildren stories around the fire about that great old man Cy Rawls and how he got through this difficult thing and went on to live a long and kickass awesome life.

Rock on, fight on, carry on--


klowry said...

hey everyone - i live in durham and happen to have a spare bedroom open in my house (with a bed!) if any out-of-towners need a place to stay while visiting cy. just email me:

i zimbra said...

Dear Cy Rawls,

It's been a while since we're run into each other. I moved to Baltimore last year. It's pretty good up here - blue crabs, Natty Bo, Utz everywhere, and now snoballs. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I met a guy that works at that the Ruths Chris where they filmed that scene with the troubled kids trying to order steaks. And I live pretty close to that hotel where Omar was shot by Brother Mouzone. I want to invite Snoop to come talk to my class. If I ever track her down, I'm definitely getting her autograph for you.

I miss you Rawls. Stay strong.

Jen Ashlock

kelly k said...

hey cy..
glad to hear people have been keeping you well stocked with appropriate reading materials. i expect to see you up here in chicago sometime for whatever important one-time-only reunion will surely be happening in the next year.

take care & get well soon!
kelly kress

mtriplett said...

Dear Cy,
Role reversal huh? Stay positive and strong and you'll get through it. I'm thinking of you. Get well! damn it!
Michael Triplett