Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Cy Rawls Benefit Confirmed!

Courtesy of the Slim's MySpace page:

Slim's Downtown

August, 1, 2008 : Benefit for Cy Rawls w/ Devour and Grass Widow.
227 S. Wilmington St., Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

Thanks, folks!



kristiep said...

that's great! i haven't heard back from the church yet concerning the trust checking account. hopefully they will call today. i know they had a meeting about it yesterday. i'll post when i hear. sorry to say, i will be out of town for this first benefit but i hope to be around for all the others.

Kathy Higgins said...

I got this e-mail this morning...

"Hi Kathy - my name is Jessica Harris. My husband Bryan and I went to Broughton with Cy. Bryan (who Cy would know as "Hurt") was in Cy's class and they were good friends, but through moves and life have lost touch. We just found out about Cy's health and have read the blog. I came across your email address and hope you could help point us in the right direction as we would very much like to help with the fundraising. Bryan is the proprietor at the Outback Steakhouse on 15-501 in Durham/Chapel Hill. He can do a fundraising lunch for Cy and have all of the proceeds donated to the fund that is being set up. It would have to be lunch, but the day of week wouldn't matter (Sunday is out as they are open for lunch that day). Could you find out if this is something that would be beneficial and that people could/would attend? Attendees would pay a small fee (like $10) and would get an awesome lunch and Bryan would donate the cost of the food. So if there were 50 people there, the $ donated would be 50 x $10 = $500.The cost of the lunch would be totally open to whatever you all decided as all of the food would be donated. "

She mentioned later 50 is the max number of people they can take, and the lunch would be from 11-1 on the day that we choose.
The next step is to pick a day, and I sent her a message asking about how ticket sales would work.
I don't really know that much about organizing these sorts of things, so if anyone has any tips or would like to go ahead and volunteer to help sell tickets when the time comes, please e-mail me at kathyhiggins at earthlink dot net.
I'll keep everybody posted...

-/- said...

Sorry Cy we can't do this one as Walsby will still be on the road cartoonin and turnin screws with them Melvins. He gets back around Sept 1st so anybody bookin benefits thereabouts get with us. We'd be honored to rip it up for Rawls, you feel me?

michelecochrane@gmail.com said...

Hey, speaking of food and diet. White flour, white sugar, all refined foods SHOULD NOT be going into Cy's body. If you don't know much about food>effecting>health let me know, I can send you send info. Yeast and sugar are Cy's enemies right now. THIS REALLY MATTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone have a really great quality juicer for Cy to use. He needs to flood his body with healthy, nourishing food. The chemo wipes out the good bacteria in the GI tract, 70% of your immune system cells circulate in your digestive tract. Pro-biotics are key, etc etc.
More on this later. Just needed to shout it out! CAN'T STRESS THIS ISSUE E N O U G H!