Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fundraising update

Cy has lots of friends! Lot's of friends with portable DVD players to spare! It looks as though one such friend will be donating a player to the cause, so any money raised will go to buying DVD's and whatever other media we all think he would like. Suggestions are more than welcome. Some great ideas are coming down the pike. Thanks everyone for the tremendous generosity!


Ashley said...

i spit on your grave - a cy favorite.


chaz said...

awesome!! maybe 'i eat your skin' too!! i'm sure i can dig up some stuff to send his way too!!!!

does he want music??? i've got a little bit of that.

chaz again said...

james, would you by chance know if he already owns 'Repo Man'???? 'cause if not, he will soon!!

jayjfadd said...

What about a CD player and some CDs? Someone mentioned that Cy was stuck listening to 96 Rock all day. I have a cd-enabled jam box I can leave in the hospital room.

Anonymous said...

I'm mailing a box of about 30 DVDs to Tim Ross to deliver in the next few days (including Repo Man, Lost Highway, Dawn of the Dead, 30 Rock and other Universal stuff I thought Cy would dig).

Thanks to Kerry and everyone else for putting this site together.

Get well soon Rawls!

Stuart Nichols

Nick & said...

Depending on his condition, Coleen and I plan on seeing Cy this weekend and I will have more movies for him!

Best wishes,
The Speaks'

Matt Kalb! said...

As a key member of the Tropic of Food Posting Society, Cy is entitled to the Audubon Park Certified Trilogy of Bad Movies and we've got that on the way. No need to check against other lists - nobody has these movies.

BTW with just one additional letter, the word verification's making me use right now would be "drjugtub".