Friday, August 15, 2008

WXYCy Dance Party this Saturday!

From Tim Ross:

WXYC is hosting a benefit party for 'XYC DJ Cy Rawls. All proceeds
will go to the Cy Rawls Benevolence Fund to help cover the cost of
Cy's medical bills.

For more info on Cy, his condition and other Cy Rawls events visit:

tickets are $5

Current and former WXYC djs spin from 9pm-2am

9-10 Glenn Boothe
10-11 Tim Ross
11-12 Jason Perlmutter
12-1 Ethan Clauset
1-2 Darren Hunicutt

We will also be selling limited edition "Cy Rawls Has a Posse" and "I
Love Cy" t-shirts! (All merch proceeds also go to the Cy Rawls
Benevolence Fund)

Hope to see you there!

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