Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two more Cy events added

Just added to the calendar:

Saturday, August 23, at Nightlight in Chapel Hill: Clang Quartet, Crowmeat Bob, Inspector 22, Yohimbe, USA Baby, Roxann Spikula, and Secret Boyfriend

Saturday, September 6, in Fairfax, VA: Nutstock Festival--An annual backyard barbecue and rock show supporting Cy this year. Many Triangle bands will be playing. (See the note on the calendar for more info.)

Keep your eyes on the calendar to see what's going on for Cy!

Cy and Tracy at the Cradle 8/17/08


Scotty Irving said...

Thank you,Kerry! Indie Rockers love Cy and The "Noisers" do, too!!! Bring earplugs!!!

Ruby said...

Love the pic. Sporty! :-)

Glenn Boothe / Local 506 said...

Out out respect to Ross Grady, and maybe Cy's immune system too, our show tonight with Colossus, Tooth and Grappling Hook will be smoke-free.

jer said...

shot some pics at the melvins show the other night, and came across this one on cy during the big business set.

can you embed a pic here?

scotty irving said...

Here is the official post from The Nightlight...

Our Saturday show is a benefit for our dear friend, Cy Rawls. Cy has been a long-time contributor to Nightlight- as a fan, show organizer and friend. In June, Cy was diagnosed with cancer and we are hoping to continue raise funds to help him and his family with their steep medical bills. Please try to attend and support him!

Saturday, August 23rd, 8:30 pm ($FIVE DOLLAS to $FIVE THOUSAND) donate what you can!Cy Rawls Benefit Show! (order subject to change)From David Menconi's Aug 14th article on Cy: "You may not know Cy Rawls by name; but if you've gone to very many local-band shows around here over the past 15 years, you probably know him by sight -- even though he's something of a mystery even to his friends. A person of enigmatic tastes, he loves Journey as well as Polvo. And while he's the most mild-mannered sweetheart you could ever hope to meet, locals still talk with awe about Rawls' star turn as a blood-spattered Glen Danzig at "The Great Cover-Up" back in 2000. ... For the past month, however, Rawls has not been getting out to rock. Instead, he's been battling a malignant brain tumor. The prognosis is uncertain, but Rawls' friends have rallied to his cause with a heart-warming fervor that recalls the closing scene of a Frank Capra movie."Cy has been a friend of the Nightlight for years, and we are pleased to be able to offer one in a series of benefit shows in support of our friend. This show will feature the following performers:

Crowmeat Bob - Bob was recently granted the Evil Genius Award for his work in composing and conducting Judge Schrieber's Avian Choir, a doom-metal chamber piece for strings, horns, and percussion. But his talents extend far beyond scaring your children. Sometimes, he even smiles.

Inspector 22 - Longtime Nightlight compadre Todd Wesley Emmert debuts the complete "Inspector 22 Band," including Mike Glass (Fin Fang Foom) on drums, Chris Girard (Spider Bags) on guitar, Ryan Richardson (the Kingsbury Manx) on bass, and Todd himself on guitar and vocals.

Clang Quartet - From an Independent review of Scotty's latest recording, released on RRRecords: Clang Quartet—the body of one man (Scotty Irving), the stage name of four and the formidable sound of eight—uses its two 20-minute live recordings to document "the many peaks and valleys" of his "personal journey as a Christian." Live, Irving dons his "Armor of God," a junkyard assemblage of metal plates and other refuse, ripping horrid electronic noise out of it at various contact points while working over a rack of distortion pedals and broken cymbals strewn on the floor. It's a discordant passion play—not the sterilized, capitalistic Christian worship music of the modern mega-church, but the wild, glossolaliac Christianity of the desert charismatic. As an antidote to this dross, Irving gives us the agony, the ecstasy, the dark night of the soul—the painful rent through which spirit, stymied by the platitudes of "praise music," might emerge. Instead of waiting for the rapture, he's stalking it in this world.

Plus:Yohimbe,USA BABY,Roxann Spikula,SECRET BOYFRIEND

Peter said...

Thanks to everyone who performed and attended Nutstock this past weekend. The proceeds from the karaoke, Battle of the Bands and art auction came to $750.00, which has just been sent to Cy's fund.

The Battle of the Bands was won by The New Original Dandy Highwaymen. Hope to have video up soon at Youtube!

Thanks also to everyone who helped with the set-up and clean-up and everyone who brought the food and brought the love!

Cy, this Nut's for you!