Monday, August 18, 2008

Dovetailing on Hepler's Comments

Robin from Tannis Root/Kung Fu was womanning the merch table last night at the Cradle and told me that she had about $700 in her pocket from t-shirt sales and another couple hundred from previous shirt sales. KICK ASS! Derek Powers told me that Glenn had about 200 folks at the 506 the night before for the WXYCy Dance Party. W00T!

I second Hep's evaluation of the show. Thanks to all the bands for their participation and sheer rock quality. (I think Brian Quast is the ass-kicking Polvo drummer we're looking for here. Brian. Quast. Not a match. The board goes back.--Thanks to Cantwell for that info.)

Cy was there with his folks. Frank and Susan stuck it out until the bitter end! I was impressed. Thank goodness for the ear-plug industry. Cy said his radiation treatments end on Tuesday. He'll get an MRI shortly thereafter to see what's what, and then the doctors and Cy will decide what to do next. He said he'd try to let us know what happens. I asked how he was feeling, and Cy said he's not been feeling sick in a week or so, so the docs might up his chemo meds. He's such a tough-ass that I can hardly stand it.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out and showed up and rocked it and showed support. It was an amazing night!


kristiep said...

that was a great show last night! thanks to all of the bands. i enjoyed seeing so many folks last night. and, three cheers for robin for working the t-shirt booth all night long. cy kicks some serious butt and i hope he makes it out for grappling hook on thursday.

Robin C. said...

Between merch sales and generous donations in the tip jar, I should have a deposit nearing $1000 from last night! Wow! Thanks to everyone who bought shirts and donated money. Also, thanks so much to Polvo for giving up their t-shirt sales to Cy.

Something really cool happened last night that I thought was really in the spirit of the occasion. The aforementioned signed Polvo poster was put up for a silent auction at the merch stand. There were two bidders that were engaged in a bidding war. One was a 21-year-old who was 10 years old when the last Polvo show happened and she was a super-fan. The other was a married couple who just moved to Durham from San Francisco. The 21-year-old wanted the poster so badly that she started bidding a little more than she thought she should have.

The couple came back and I explained to the guy how badly the other person wanted the poster and he explained to me that he really just wanted to win the auction. He topped off the bidding at $150 and decided that the auction was over. He whispered something to his wife and wouldn't let the young lady place any more bids. She walked away with her head down, having lost the bidding war.

The guy from San Francisco then wrote out a check to the Cy fund for $150, took the poster from me and gave it to the 21-year-old lady who wanted it so badly. Can you believe that? What an awesome dude!

The young lady then got to meet Steve and Ash from Polvo and she left a very happy fan. She told me she planned to donate what she was willing to spend on the poster to Cy which is very cool. I found an extra Polvo poster today at work that I'll mail to the couple from San Francisco to thank them for their thoughtfulness.

See you all at the Rosebuds/Superchunk show!

Robin C.

Glenn Boothe / Local 506 said...

Before it gets retold again and we inch toward capacity, the exact count was 166 people on Saturday - I think I told Derek 175 (but I might have said 200 and slipped him a mix in hopes of getting L's DJ gig at the Cradle!)

Still, 166 people at $5 bucks translates to $830 dollars - not bad for five guys taking one hour of their time to do what they like to do best - play music!

Steph from WXYC will be handling the donation of that money (if she hasn't already) since it was their event. In fact, she deserve some major props for pulling this together on such short notice and lining up four great DJs (and then letting me play along.)

One of those great DJs, Tim Ross, also manned the Cy merch booth all night - not sure how much he racked up beyond my contribution but it was nice of him to provide stay seated the entire night.