Monday, September 29, 2008

We ALL got purty for Cy!

I'm so happy to report that Syd's raised over $1600 for Cy yesterday! They didn't have a single open slot. And yes, I followed through on my fundraising promise. Solidarity! Someone tell me I look dignified.
Also, everyone make sure to stop by Syd's, thank them, and get a hair cut. They do wonders with a set of clippers.


Glenn Boothe / Local 506 said...

You may be bald James, but I think I probably left more hair on the Syd's floor...finally got my new Summer look, just in time for Fall!

christina said...

The head! The tongue! I don't know where to look!
Yes, very dignified & tres chic.

jenn said...

Looks good James!

j storm said...

my hair is a nice dark brown with some golden highlights! i love it! this was a great way to contribute!