Friday, September 5, 2008


Hey folks,

Don't forget that the Pine State show tonight is a benefit for Cy. Dan Partridge recommended that I post what Grady had to say about the show. I think the fact that he wanted me to post this is pretty telling. You don't want to miss it. The last time I saw Pine State, there was the throwing of a garbage can from the stage, and I feel like I remember something being set on fire, too.

Here's some text from ross grady's site:
The Public Good are a pretty good pop/rock band from the DC area, so I'm not sure how the poor bastards got stuck on a bill with the likes of Pine State, surely one of the lowest-down lily-livered scurrilous gangs of scurvy fleabitten dogs ever to skulk the stages of Chapel Hill.
Of course, since nearly every member of Pine State now lives somewhere other than the Triangle, maybe they're carpooling or something.
This Pine State reunion, in addition to providing the opportunity for a lot of people to scratch their heads & look confused (seriously . . . they didn't really make any sense back in the day, and it's highly unlikely they'll make any more now), is also a benefit for our man Cy Rawls.

Dan Partridge recommends you also look here at Toenes's write-up:

See you tonight!


Christina Pelech said...

Pine State was fabulous as usual & yes, there was fire & yes, there were garbage cans & yes, maybe there was someone wearing spandex swimming trunks & patent leather loafers.
Cy, it was wonderful to see you there last night. I hope you'll stop by bowling night sometime. You are very much missed there!

Ruby said...

I had a great time as well. Thanks to those fools in Pine State for fucking shit up for us one more time.

I took some decent pictures of Pine State and some not very good pictures of Cy. They're posted here: