Thursday, September 4, 2008

Get Purty For Cy

"It is on Sunday September 28th from 12-4 & we will be donating 100% of the profits from haircuts & color to benefit Cy's medical bills.This is through Syd's Hair Shop on 108 W. Rosemary St in Chapel Hill. We would like to get added to the blog & the calendar to help promote this event. Get purty for Cy.His amazing support of the local music (arts) scene & the amazing response of the scene to help out are reminders of how close we are as a community & how much we can & how easy it is to help. This mutual support is what keeps us all going in times like these & any way we can help, we are willing. Cinnamon is working on a flyer & we are promoting through out the shop, but we feel if we can reach the people who know Cy, through the blog, etc. it will help to ensure this will be a success. We do these benefits quarterly & have so far have donated to local cancer foundations. This time it is more personal. Several of us have met Cy & several of us are musicians, artists & involved in this artistic community."

Judging by the numbers on the chipin site, looks like I'm going to be bald come 9/29. :/


a to the jae said...

Make your appointment NOW!!!!
We are taking them & hope to be booked up before the event, so we know a ton of cash is being raised for Cy.
Cash & checks only. Sorry no credit cards.

Andrea Ssss said...

I've passed on a mention of this to the entire grad school community at duke. Hopefully many will turn out. Good luck with the event, and hanging on to your hair!