Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cy Updates

Included here:
  • ChipIn
  • Cy's health
  • Superchunk
  • NutStock???

Wow, y'all take me seriously. Hepler, get the shears; it's lights out for you, my man! Thanks, everyone, for taking the ChipIn widget over $5,000!

I've got some info to update you all on Cy's condition.

Cy's radiation cycle has ended, so he had a new MRI a few weeks ago to see how his treatment was progressing. His dad told me at the Superchunk show that the docs were shocked with his progress. First of all, our boy was not expected to walk in there at all, let alone stroll in in classic Cy style. His MRI showed that the tumor has shrunk significantly. Woohoo! They couldn't believe his progress. The docs upped his chemo meds because he's just tolerating them too well. I'm telling you, this thing didn't know who it was dealing with!

He had follow-up MRIs for thoracic and spinal stuff, and they both came back fine. I think that means that it hasn't spread anywhere.

Even better news: Cy has effectively been fired by Hospice. They have taken back their hospital bed and walker. Our man's just too healthy! Ding dang, y'all!

Another MRI at the end of the month. Kick ass!

Superchunk was apparently a HUGE hit. I think the report was that the door brought in $15,000! (If I'm mistaken, please let me know!) Robin had another several hundred dollars in t-shirt sales. The show was amazing. LOTS of songs were requested for that $100 fee, including Ross Grady's request for an Erectus Monotone jam. Mac brought up Kevin and Jennifer from EM to sing a song from an early 7" called "The Day the Sharks Flew." Completely amazing! Many thanks to all the bands that played that night. It was so incredible. I haven't been to such a great show in years. Made me feel like I was...25 again. Hmm. Cy was there, as were his folks. We were all impressed that they showed up for yet another sonic pummeling. I think they stuck it out for the whole show!

Peter Geddes, a friend of some of ours who lives in Fairfax, VA, held his annual summer backyard festival in Cy's name last weekend. Here's the message he sent out today:

Thanks to everybody who played and came out to the Nutstock festivities last weekend. Another amazing weekend! We raised $750.00 for Cy Rawls' medical expenses and got to hear some great bands, including The New Original Dandy Highwaymen, who won the Battle of the Bands by performing note-perfect renditions of songs from the Adam and the Ants back catalog while wearing vintage costumes and playing authentic,
period-appropriate instruments! Thanks to those who brought food, helped set up and clean up (and mop up!) and those who helped with the grilling. It would not have happened without you!

Also, Jonny Cohen has graciously donated 3 copies of the Jonny Cohen's Love Machine album "If 6 Were 8" to the cause. The first three people to contact me with a donation for Cy will receive a copy of this fine full-band effort,which includes
the moody "Silence of Rebecca", the heavy "War at Four" and concert faves like "Little Stickmen". Please contact me to pick up a copy of this classic Teenbeat release from 1997!

Thanks again everybody!
Peter3977 (at) Hotmail (dot) com

Indeed, thanks, everyone, for supporting Cy and his folks. I know how much they appreciate all of this. It ain't over yet, so keep the prayers and donations flowing. Great things happen when people come together for a single cause. We love ya, Cy.


kristiep said...

this is such great news. thanks for the update kerry. AND, take that you stinky tumor!!!

ok, how was i at the superchunk show and missed the Erectus Monotone jam and Jennifer (i haven't seen her in such a long time)? damn. i must have been outside.

Glenn Boothe / Local 506 said...

Enough about Cy...can you tell me more about The New Original Dandy Highwaymen!

Seriously (not that I'm not serious about my love of Antmusic), thanks for posting this update - this is great news!

Cy, how come you couldn't make that part of your stand-up act! You might have made ME shit my pants!

For those of you who missed the Pop Kids comedy night, Cy jumped in and delivered the goods on stage just like old times.

And oddly enough, I was wearing an Adam and the Ants shirt that night...glenn

Peter said...

The New Original Dandy Highwaymen included members of Grappling Hook, CG&J, Analogue, Alzo Bozhormenyi's Acid Achievers and The Hope-Harveys. The whole NODH set was filmed, so I would expect that at least some (if not all) of it will show up on Youtube at some point. There are some Nutstock videos, from this year and previous years, up on Youtube now. From this year, there are videos up from: Jonny Cohen, Torch/Money Drum Battle, Art Daniels Band, Dark Dissolve and The Resistables. I hope The New Original Dandy Highwaymen set gets up on Youtube. There is an interesting shout-out to Cy during one of the songs!

Amber Dunleavy said...

Don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?
There must be something in Cy he's hiding! The New Original Dandy Highwaymen were absolutely spot on! Glad there was a relatively decent turnout despite the storm. Thanks to all the NC bands for coming up!

jenn said...

Hey Cy- Go UNC Football!!

I've been wearing my I Heart CY shirt and have been asked multiple times by strangers "what is C-Y"? No one ever expects the answer they get to that question while they're standing in line at Target.