Monday, October 6, 2008

Woody Durham

Many, MANY thanks to Kirk Schmidt for sending on this MP3 of Woody Durham remembering Cy during the UNC/UConn game on Friday. This is heartwarming! Kirk says this address is a temporary home for the file. Can anyone host it permanently? (I can't get Blogger to accept an audio file.)

With the assistance of Tom Boman, Gary Sobba, Ryan Kormann, and Clay Broughton at Learfield Sports, I got an mp3 clip of Woody Durham's memorial to Cy that broadcast just before halftime of the UNC/Connecticut football game this past Saturday.

I've posted it here:


Troy said...

That is awesome; Thanks for posting that and again thanks for starting and keeping this blog going Kerry. I've got the mp3 permenantly stored on my site here:

Kerry Cantwell said...

AWESOME! Thanks, Troy. It was great to see you guys again.

Barry said...

Cy also got a tender shout-out from Rock 92's "Two Guys Named Chris" this morning. Apparently Cy frequently called in to their daily rock trivia question (I think they said he'd called in as recently as two weeks ago). Seems like one of their staff also knew Cy and they had followed his updates since he'd gotten sick. The two Chrises were bummed.

Hepstyle said...

Seeing that photo with Cy next to Woody, I'm just blown away. And the moment of silence at the lanes last night was amazing.