Friday, October 3, 2008

For Triangle Friends

Shannon Morrow sent out a link to this blog she has for her Whirligig Music Project which she has dedicated to Cy.

Here's what she wrote:
I have an installation called The Listening Garden up in Durham Central Park [on Foster Street across from the Farmer's Market] until Monday morning. It is a beautiful place to sit and reflect, and there are comfortable rocking chairs to hang out in. I decided to put a memory book for Cy in the garden and to dedicate the installation to him. If you'd like to go leave Cy or his family a note or memento, I will take the book and anything you leave to his family at the memorial service. I'll also take photos if anyone puts a little shrine or anything up for him, and will give the photos to his family.
I really felt an expansion of my interpretation of life and consciousness while sitting there thinking about Cy today. I felt like he was in the wind...more could be said, but probably sounds cheesy in writing, so I'll stop.
that's all,
Shannon Morrow

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scotty irving said...

My pastor Tom Goode and all of us at my church (Price UMC) in the northern part of NC send our love and prayers to Cy's family and to all of you.