Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Latest

Hey folks,

Just got word from Mike that Tracy was visiting Cy this evening at the hospital. The situation is the same, but it has NOT gotten worse. Tracy recommends that we hold off on the visitations for now. Cy will be pretty out of it until they can get the swelling to go down further. Mike will talk to Cy's folks in the morning to let us know what's up and when folks can come by to see him.

Thanks for the good thoughts. I will certainly pass them on!


Barry said...

Thanks Kerry, Mike and Tracy for keeping us updated on our boy.

Eric said...

thanks, kerry. send him our best.

eric shepherd

nancy said...

Thank you, I just got back from vacation time-off and wanted to share that I was wearing my Cy-shirt on the sidewalk when a guy in a car said "Support Cy Rawls, good man!"

That made my day. :)

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, Cy.

Richard A.

kristiep said...

thanks for the update kerry. i am giving a presentation on cy tomorrow in my patient advocacy class. i am going to be showing off this awesome blog to the class so they can see how friends can come together to advocate when a good friend needs support.